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Recover Photos from Corrupt SD Card in 5 Simple Steps:

Nowadays a digital camera is a must for any travel plan. It feels wonderful to look at all the memories you have saved after returning from your trip. However, there will be a few situations where you connect your SD card to your computer only to realize that the SD card got corrupted and there are DataDno photos on it. If you encounter a similar situation with your SD card, you can easily repair it and recover photos from corrupt SD card.

Scroll down for sections that begin with the usual causes of corruption in SD card followed by steps to repair it and concludes with how to recover photos from corrupt SD card using an efficient SD card recovery software

4 Usual Causes behind corrupted SD card:

A few obvious reasons behind the corruption of SD card or cause data loss on SD card as follows

Inaccessible SD card:
Under rare circumstances, the file system on your SD card might get corrupted or converted into a RAW drive. A RAW file system error occurs when a computer cannot access the storage device or recognize file system. Fortunately in situation like these, your photos are still saved on your SD card but you cannot access them.

Note: If your SD card is inaccessible, skip ahead to section of the article that explains how to recover photos from SD card

Unexpected formatting of SD card:
Various digital cameras use a distinct storage media format to save photos. When you insert your SD card from one camera into another it will format the card with its own specific file system.

Recovering formatted data from SD card using CMD is complicated for a normal user, rather it is quite easier to recover lost photos, videos or any other using an SD card recovery software.

Virus or Malware attacks:
If your SD card is infected with viruses or malware, a swift reaction is required to save your personal memories from corruption. Virus attacks are always sneaky, so it is recommended to maintain an updated firewall or antivirus for avoiding such situations.

Interrupting While Reading or Writing on to SD card:
Most of the users tend to take SD cards for granted. Users interrupt any read or write process while it is going on or remove SD card from camera without switching off. Under such circumstances, the SD card’s file system will be damaged resulting in corrupt or damaged SD card.

Nevertheless, you can surely repair Corrupt SD card. The latter section of the article offers you a brief explanation on how to repair corrupt SD card using CMD or  command window.

How to Repair damaged SD card using CMD?

The quickest way to recover corrupt or damaged SD card is through CMD. CMD or Command window is a ms-dos tool. Follow the specified instructions to recover photos from sd card

SFWare Photo recovery software developed with an easy user interface, that automates the recovery process and avoids any data loss scenarios. SFWare’s deep scan algorithm is specifically programmed to recover lost photos from corrupt, formatted or damaged SD cards.  

How to Recover photos from corrupt SD card ?:

SFWare’s SD card recovery software is specially programmed to recover digital media from problematic SD Cards. You can easily recover photos using specified directions