[2022]How to Recover Photos from Corrupt SD Card?

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Losing photos from SD card due to corruption could be stressful. If you are worried about how to recover photos or videos from corrupt SD card, you are on the right page. This article explains on how to to fix SD card corruption and recover photos from SD card without any hassle.

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Common Reasons for Data Loss from Corrupt SD card

A few obvious reasons behind the corruption of SD card or cause data loss on SD card as follows

Inaccessible SD card:
Under rare circumstances, the file system on your SD card might get corrupted or converted into a RAW drive. A RAW file system error occurs when a computer cannot access the storage device or recognize file system. Fortunately in situation like these, your photos are still saved on your SD card but you cannot access them.

Note: If your files SD card is inaccessible, skip ahead to section of the article that explains how to recover photos from SD card

Unexpected formatting of SD card:
Various digital cameras use a distinct storage media format to save photos. When you insert your SD card from one camera into another it will format the card with its own specific file system.

Recovering formatted data from SD card using CMD is complicated for a normal user, rather it is quite easier to recover lost photos, videos or any other using an SD card recovery software.

Virus or Malware attacks:
If your SD card is infected with viruses or malware, a swift reaction is required to save your personal memories from corruption. Virus attacks are always sneaky, so it is recommended to maintain an updated firewall or antivirus for avoiding such situations.

Interrupting While Reading or Writing on to SD card:
Most of the users tend to take SD cards for granted. Users interrupt any read or write process or remove SD card from camera without switching off. Under such circumstances, the SD card’s file system will be damaged resulting in corrupt or damaged SD card.

Nevertheless, you can surely repair Corrupt SD card using various approaches. One of the best suited method to fix corruption on SD card is using command Prompt.

How to Repair Corrupt or Damaged SD Card using CMD?

The quickest way to recover corrupt or damaged SD card is through CMD. CMD or Command window is a ms-dos tool. Follow the specified instructions to recover photos from sd card

  • Click on start search cmd. Right click on cmd and click on Run as Administrator
  • On the command window type chkdsk “drive letter”/f (for example if a drive letter is G: type chkdsk G:/f)
  • Once this process is finished enter command “drive letter”: (“C:” press enter)
  • Enter command attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*CHKDSK to repair corrupt SD card and Recover Data
  • Once the process is completed you can see the recovered files in a new folder in the SD card. However, manual way of repairing a corrupt SD card might be risky as well as tricky. If you are not confident, kindly refrain from repairing damaged SD card using CMD. Because a single mistake while using cmd will permanently erase all your precious photos.

SFWare SD Card recovery software developed with an easy user interface, that automates the recovery process and avoids any data loss scenarios. SFWare’s deep scan algorithm is specifically programmed to recover lost photos from corrupt, formatted or damaged SD cards.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

How to Recover photos from corrupt SD card ?:

SFWare’s SD card recovery software is specially programmed to recover digital media from problematic SD Cards.

  • Download and install SFWare SD card recovery software
  • Connect the corrupt SD card to your computer and launch SFWare recovery software
    SFWare Recover photos home page
  • Select Recover Formatted/Corrupt for recovering files from corrupted SD card
    SFWare Recover photos from Corrupt SD Card
  • Now click on scan. Scan result will display available storage devices and partitions on your computer
  • Select the storage device you want to recover and click Scan
    SFWare Recover photos from Corrupt SD Card
  • Once the scan is completed, you can see available partitions on the scanned storage device
  • Select the partition consisting your photos and click on scan
  •  After a successful scan, you can recover the photos on the partitions.
    SFWare Recover photos from Corrupt SD Card
  • Select the files you want to restore and proceed to save the files
    SFWare Recover photos from Corrupt SD Card

    Why choose SFWare SD card Recovery software?

  • SFWare SD card recovery is specifically designed to recover digital media such as RAW images, PSD files, video files, MP3 formats etc
  • Integrated with a robust scan algorithm, it always ensures to give you precise scan results
  • With the help of SFWare, you can easily recover deleted files, files from reformatted or hard drives installed with the new operating system.
  • You can take advantage of save recovery session and avoid rescanning of large hard drives
  • It is compatible with storage devices formatted with NTFS-5, NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, HFS, HFS+Conclusion:
    Hope this article helped you to recover photos from corrupt SD card. As discussed in this article, SD cards are vulnerable. There might be various reasons for corruption. Nevertheless, you can recover them easily. However, the manual way of recovering photos is risky and tricky. Hence, it is strongly suggested to use a professional photo recovery software to automate and avoid any risk of erasing precious photos.

Note: Are you aware of how to recover deleted photos from SanDisk SD card? You will learn all about it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes an SD card to become corrupt?

Physical damages, file system corruption, bad sectors on SD card, improper handling of SD card, interruption during formatting an SD card, virus or malware infection on SD cards can cause damage to SD cards and leads to SD card corruption.

How do I uncorrupt an SD card?

The best way to fix corruption on SD card is using CHKDSK command in command prompt. All you must do is, run the command CHKDSK C: /f and attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* as explained in the steps above.

Is there a way to recover data from a corrupted SD card?

Yes, you can recover photos/files from corrupt SD card with the help of safe and secure data recovery tool. As manual methods cannot be used on SD card recovery, you can make use of SFWare SD card recovery tool to recover photos/videos from SD card.

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