Losing data that has not been backed up is a nightmare, you might be forced to look for possible ways to get back the lost data. One of the most preferred and cost efficient method is to recover data with the help of a data recovery software. A proficient data recovery software for PC not only recovers files and folders but also ensures safety and integrity of your data.

Discovering lost data from your Windows PC is made easy by using SFWare Data Recovery tool. Built with an extensive search algorithm that is capable of restoring lost or deleted files from any kind of storage device used in Windows and Mac computers.

Features of SFWare Data Recovery

The user friendly and commendable features of SFWare data recovery tool make it a highly trusted PC file recovery software for both Windows and Mac Platforms.

Causes of Data loss:

Types of SFWare Data Recovery:

System Requirements

How to Recover Data using SFWare Data Recovery Software in 5 Simple Steps?


Select either of One Option
Select Physical Drive
Scanning and Recovering Process starts
Preview Recovered Files

Supported file types by SFWare Data Recovery Software:

Use SFWare data recovery utility recovers over 300 file types used across various applications

Why SFWare data recovery software?

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