USB drives are portable and are widely used to store and transfer data. As we keep using USB flash drives for various applications on different devices, the possibility of data loss on USB drives increases. In such cases, it is recommended to use an efficient USB data recovery tool to recover files and folders saved in the USB drive.

Causes for Data Loss from USB Drive

  • Accidental deletion of files:

    The most common way of losing files is by accidentally deleting them from the storage device. It not only happens with USB drive usage but it happens with all kind of internal as well as external storage devices such as Hard drive, SSD, SD Cards etc., SFWare flash drive recovery software allows you to recover deleted files from USB drive or any other listed storage devices.

  • Data lost due to transfer:

    USB drive is often used to store and transfer the data to another computer. During the data transfer process, there are chances of losing the files from USB drive. There is no free way to restore the lost files during data transfer process, but you can restore the files by using SFWare flash drive data recovery tool on your Windows PC or Mac.

  • Formatting USB drive:

    Hard formatting of the USB sometimes becomes inevitable. In order to erase all the virus or get rid of any corruptions. Many a times this will also result in erasing some important data that might not have been backed up.

  • File system corruption:

    Be it Windows users or Mac users, they often come across USB device not recognized error due to various USB corruptions. Abrupt removal of USB drive from computer causes the file system corruption. Repairing this through CMD is possible only if it is minor corruption.

  • Bad sectors:

    The unrecognized or unreadable sectors of a storage devices are called as Bad sectors. If there is an existence of bad sectors in a storage device, data cannot be written or read from that particular sector. This turns out to be a permanent data loss scenario and there are very few chances of recovering the data from those bad sectors.

  • Power surge:

    Sudden fluctuation in power affects the functioning of any electronic device. USB drives are made up of memory chips, which works in micro units of power. Therefore, a possible power surge affects the USB drive and data stored in the drive is not accessible.

  • Malware attack:

    USB drives are manufactured as a portable storage device, which is extensively used to transfer data from one device to another. During data transfer, there are possibility of copying a virus infected file or the malware from Windows or Mac computer. A virus infection not only affects the functionality of the drive; it can also randomly delete the files from USB drive.

  • Physical damage:

    When compared to conventional hard drives and SSD’s, USB drives are built in small size. It allows the user to handle it roughly and sometimes causes physical damage to the USB case and the connectors of the drive. This prevents the drive to get detected on the computer.

  • Note: It is advised not to use the affected USB drive until you completely recover the data from the drive. This will increase the chances of recovering data from flash drive.

    Can I Recover Data from USB Flash Drive?

    Yes, it is possible to recover deleted or lost files from USB. Nowadays there a numerous data recovery software available in the market to perform data recovery on your USB drive. However, it is very crucial is to choose the most effective USB disk recovery tool. Using an unreliable recovery tool might harm the recoverable files on the flash drive. It even prevents you from further using the drive or recovering files from your USB drive.

    While choosing a flash drive recovery tool, you have to look for two deciding factors such as software efficiency and reliability.

    SFWare USB drive data recovery tool for Windows and Mac is among the most trusted recovery tools. Extensive search algorithm of this tool makes it to highly preferred. This advanced feature enables the tool to look beyond the sectors of USB drive to search and locate the deleted or lost files.

    USB Data Recovery: 3 Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive

    To recover deleted or lost files from USB flash drive, download and install SFWare USB data recovery software on your computer. Launch SFWare USB data recovery on Windows or Mac PC and connect the USB drive.

    Step 1: Select Recover Drives/Partition from the list of options. From the next screen, select the scenario of data loss and select the USB drive to run SFWare USB data recovery tool

    recover drive/partition

    Now SFWare data recovery tool runs search algorithm on USB drive to locate the deleted or lost files.

    Step 2: In the next screen, you will be able to see all the available drives including the USB drive connected to your system. Choose the drive that represents the USB drive and click on the Next option.

    Select the USB drive to recover data

    Step 3: Now select the files you want to restore it back your Windows or Mac PC and Click Next to choose the destination drive to save the recovered files.

    select the file type to recover files from USB

    Note: It is advised not to use the same USB drive to save the files. This will interrupt the recovery process and reduces the possibility of recovering complete data.

    Now you have successfully completed recovery process, USB drives are most vulnerable to data loss, because of extensive usage to transfer data and due to its physical properties. USB data loss are not permanent, a reliable data recovery software like SF free USB recovery tool can come in handy to restore the lost or deleted data from the USB drive.

    Why SFWare USB Recovery Tool to Recover Data?

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