USB drives are portable and are widely used to store and transfer data. As we keep using USB falsh drives for various appilcations on different devices, the possibility of data loss on USB drives increases. In such cases, it is recommended to use an efficient USB data recovery tool to recover files and folders saved in the USB drive.

Caution: It is advised not to use the affected USB drive, until you completely recover the data using SFWare USB data recovery tool. This will increase the chances recovering data from flash drive.

Nowadays there a numerous data recovery softwares available to perform data recovery on your USB drive. However it is very crucial is to pick the most effective USB disk recovery tool, because using an unrealiable recovery tool might harm the recoverable data on the flash drive. It even prevents you from further using the drive or recovering files from your USB drive.

While choosing a flash drive recovery tool, you have to look for two deciding factors such as software efficiency and reliability.

SFWare USB drive data recovery tool for Windows and Mac is among the most trusted recovery tools. Extensive search algorithm of this tool makes it to highly preferred. This advanced feature enables the tool to look beyond the sectors of USB drive to search and locate the deleted or lost files.

Features And Scenarios

SFWare USB data recovery utility

Use SFWare USB data recovery tool in following data loss scenarios:

Storage devices are built with an advanced recovery algorithms that can be instrumental in sphisticated data loss scenarios. SFWare USB recovery tool is built to recover data from following data loss scenarios.

System Requirements

How to Perform USB Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive?

To recover deleted or lost files from USB flash drive, download and install SFWare USB data recovery software on your computer

Note: It is advised not to use the same USB drive to save the files. This will interrupt the recovery process and reduces the possibility of recovering complete data.

Now you have successfully completed recovery process, if you have missed to recover some important files, use Open Recovery Option to recover the missed files.

Main Screen - Fig 1
Select Physical Drive - Fig 2
Recovery Scanning - Fig 3
Preview Recovered Files - Fig 4

USB drives are most vulnerable to data loss, because of extensive usage to transfer data and due to its physical properties. USB data loss are not permanent, a reliable data recovery software like SF free USB recovery tool can come in handy to restore the lost or deleted data from the USB drive.

System Requirements

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