WindowsおよびMac OSでVLCのクラッシュまたは応答しない問題を修正する3つの簡単な方法



VLC player stops working / responding or VLC keeps crashing is a common problem that VLC users encounter while watching videos. If you have ever faced VLC issues on both  Windows and macOS , here are the best workarounds that can help you fix VLC crashing on both operating systems.

VLC media playerkeeps crashing

VLC media player is a media player that is also used for watching videos, movies and music. VLC is the most reliable audio and video player ever, so it’s a real frustrating situation when it stops working or stops playing. Let’s see what reflects that VLC is causing problems with the video –

Signs of VLC crashing

  1. Player takes a long time to open and tries many times
  2. video fails to load
  3. While you are playing a video in blue, gray or black screen VLC
  4. Multiple logic errors appear on the screen
  5. VLC media stops responding or stops working in between

If you’ve ever encountered one of these scenarios, VLC may crash or malfunction. This can corrupt videos played in VLC.

If you don’t know why VLC keeps crashing so often, here are some possible causes of VLC crashing.

Why does VLC keep crashing?

Some common reasons that force VLC to stop responding or stop working are −

  • Improper installation of the VLC program
  • The video may be corrupted or the player does not support VLC files to play
  • Corrupted VLC media player program files
  • Installation of outdated or corrupted drivers
  • There is a problem with VLC’s coding, output scheme, or other playback settings
  • Components of VLC can be blocked by system programs, security apps, or settings.
  • Reasons why VLC was unable to play video include sound issues, audio-video sync issues, missing fragments, dropped frames, corrupted headers, and more.

All the above reasons lead to problems with VLC media player. In case you’re wondering, how do you stop VLC from crashing? How to fix the problem, here are some easy options. Click the link below to go to the section you need to fix the VLC keeps crashing issue.

How can I fix VLC crashes?

How can I fix VLC crashes on Windows?

How to fix VLC crashes on Mac?

How to repair corrupted video?

Workarounds to avoid VLC crashes

For Windows users: How to fix VLC keeps crashing?

If you are running VLC on Windows , you may be familiar with video crashinglagging and stuttering issues . Fix the issue with the help of below method.

Method 1: Reinstall VLC Media Player

If the VLC media player program files are corrupted, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

To uninstall VLC:

  1. Go to Control Panel >> click  Programs  (you will see a list of installed apps)
  2. Select VLC >> right click on the app and click on the  Uninstall  button

Doing so will uninstall the application from your computer.


After successfully uninstalling the VLC app, go to the official website and reinstall the app.

Method 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration

VLC may crash if hardware acceleration is enabled on an unsupported system. Hardware acceleration is a Windows feature that provides better video playback performance.

  1. Go to VLC Media Player Tools >>  Preferences
  2. Click Inputcodecs , you see the option  Hardware-Accelerating Decoding
  3. From the dropdown, select DirectX Video Acceleration feature Or  you can just disable it. 

Method 3: Check compatibility settings

The Windows Compatibility Settings feature allows current versions of Windows to run VLC written for older versions.

  1. Open File explore >> Navigate the path below

Windows 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC

Windows 32-bit: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC

  1. Right click on exe >> Select  Properties
  2. Click on the Compatibility tab
  3. Check Run this program in compatibility mode for and select a previous version of Windows and  OK

You should be able to fix VLC keeps crashing using the above fix on your Windows computer. If you’re having trouble opening File Explorer, fix the problem and proceed.

For Mac Users: How to Fix VLC Keeps Crashing?

If you have problems with VLC on Mac, try reinstalling the app first, just like you did for Windows with reinstalling VLC player. Apart from that, there are some workarounds that you can try to fix the problem.

Method 1: Force Quit Media Player

VLC issues such as video freezing or not responding just force the application to quit running in the background.

  1. First, go to Finder >> Click on  Force Quit Applications
  2. Alternatively, you can press Command + Option + Esc keys simultaneously.
  3. A force quit window will appear on your screen, select your VLC player and close it from running in the background.

Method 2: Install VLC Codec Pack

It’s a known fact that Macs are often incompatible with most video formats or codecs, except for Mac-only formats. This could be one of the reasons why you are experiencing VLC crashes on your system. To fix this, just install the VLC codec pack supported by Mac and it will make your video more compatible.

Method 3: Update VLC Player

By simply updating your media player, you can avoid most media player issues such as crashes, stutters, lags, hangs and unresponsiveness. To fix issues with VLC player or  VLC is not playing any videos ,

  1. Initially, open VLC media player , go to Menu
  2. Click Help >>  Check for updates

This will automatically tell the application to check for new updates for your Mac so you can install them later.

What if the video file is corrupted due to VLC media payer crash or media player corruption? How do you repair corrupted video files?

As mentioned above, video corruption can lead to VLC media player crashing or stopping working. The most important thing in such situation is to stop playing the corrupted video and fix the corrupted video.

How to repair corrupted video?

SFWare video repair tool can fix video file corruption.  Whether it’s MOV , MP4 or AVI  , the tool’s unique repair algorithms refer to healthy files to reconstruct the file structure.  So the new good file is not corrupted.  Also, this tool is designed to handle copies of the original files keeping the original video files unchanged.  SFWare video repair tools are available for both Windows and Mac computers and work well with their respective OS versions.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Steps to fix video file corruption

Download and install  SFWare Video Repair Tool  on your computer and launch the application. Choose MOV/MP4/AVI or other video formats based on your requirements.

  1. From the main screen, click Browse , which provides a sane file for codec reference to rebuild the file.

Select MOV from the main screen

  1. Now click on Corrupted File >> provide location

Browse MOV file

  1. Click Repair option.

Wait for the video file repair process to complete. After the process is successfully completed, you can preview the corrupted video file repair and save it to any desired location.

How to avoid crashes in VLC?

  • Avoid having multiple video threads open in VLC at the same time.
  • If you think your video is not compatible with VLC, try using a supported media player.
  • Keep a minimal program running in the background while VLC is playing.
  • Keep updating VLC regularly and install VLC Player from the official website
  • Avoid tampering with VLC’s important settings such as output module, file cache, codec scheme and other settings.

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