Is it Possible to Restore Formatted Samsung Galaxy S3 Data?

Have you accidentally formatted your SD card of Samsung Galaxy S3? Have you lost all your precious files from your Android Smartphone? Such may be some incident that most Android users may face. Many user lost hope of recovering formatted data from Samsung galaxy S3. Is such times many of them might be wondering how to recover formatted data from Samsung galaxy S3?

Do not be panic at such heartbreaking situations. Most of them live in misconception that once data is deleted or formatted then it is lost forever. But the fact is that data is not erased only pointer indicating that file is deleted, making those files hidden. Thus free space is indicated to store new data. Now it’s possible to restore formatted data from Samsung galaxy S3 by using some data recovering utility that will work for Android based phones.

Why SFWare for Android Data Recovery Tool?

SFWare for Android Data Recovery Tool is the smartest way to retrieve formatted data from Samsung galaxy s3. This tool works on read only mode thus actual data is not altered. It is very easy to use and fits in once budget. Hence even person without technical idea can execute without any professional help. It is very much compatible with all latest versions of Android like Froyo, Ginger Bread, Ice Cream Sandwich and jelly bean. Apart from these features, it is capable of recovering data that is deleted or lost.

Below are the common factors that cause formatted data in Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • Accidental Deletion: Due to accidentally deleting SD card of Samsung Galaxy S3, it may lead to data loss situations in Android Phone. This is mainly due to human negligence.
  • Factory Reset Option: When you accidentally click “Factory Reset” option of your Samsung Galaxy S3, then it may cause complete deletion of data that was stored in your phone.
  • Formatting Error: Sometimes when you improperly mount SD card of phone to system you may encounter formatting error asking to format your SD card. If you press no option then you are not able to access your SD card and if yes option is selected then your SD card is formatted.

Special features of SFWare for Android Data Recovery Tool:

  • Ability to recover formatted or deleted data from all Android Phone and Tablets
  • Along with Multimedia files it also supports recovery of .apk file
  • Internal memory and external memory space both is quickly scanned
  • Recovers all file formats of images, RAW pictures, videos and audios
  • Creates replica of SD card to perform recovery in future during data loss situations.
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Windows Operating System including and Windows server 2008 and 2003

Step By Step Procedure:

  • Download demo version of SFWare for Android Data Recovery tool.
  • Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 along with SD card to system and launch the software.
  • Main screen will display “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” option. Choose deleted file recovery option.
  • Select Samsung Galaxy S3 drive and click “Next”.
  • Quick Scanning will takes place displaying all recovered files.
  • Click “Smart Scan” option to avoid re-scanning when licensed version is used.
  • To save the recovered file you have to purchase licensed version.

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