How to Recover Deleted Outlook Notes?

Updated on October 31, 2022

Lost your important Notes from Outlook? Here is the easy way to recover your lost or deleted Notes from Outlook. Also, the best and the easiest way to recover Outlook notes is using the tool. SFWare PST Repair tool is the most recommended and completely automated method to perform Outlook PST Notes recovery. Download the tool and get your important Outlook notes back instantly.

Microsoft Outlook is not just a useful tool to send and receive emails but also plays a vital role in the day to day work. Apart from mails, Outlook allows its users to make important notes, contacts, meetings, etc. However, some unforeseen circumstances lead to the loss of Outlook data items such as notes.

Where to find my Outlook notes?

Create Outlook Note

You can open the Outlook Notes follow the steps given below. Once you complete the procedure you can edit and reuse the saved Notes. To open Notes in Outlook go to the bottom left of Outlook, clicking the three dots in the Navigation option, and then clicking Notes. The Notes option, where you can add, edit, and delete your notes, will open up.

Icons to organise Outlook notes

Edit notes to organise Outlook notes

How to Create and Organise Outlook Notes?

To create a new note, click New Note option available on top of the task bar. By doing so you will be able to create new Notes with default size and colour.

Edit notes to organise Outlook notes

Organise Outlook Notes

Always, the first line of the note becomes the file name that help you to organize your notes by making the first word the action you need to do for example- to-do, reminder, call and so on. By default, your notes are shown in the Icon view.

This helps to organise your notes by the date they were modified, with the notes that were most recently modified at the front. You can also change the Notes List view, to see the created notes more clearly.

What if you happen to lose the Outlook Notes? Where do all missing Outlook Notes go? Is there a way to recover deleted Outlook notes? Yes, you can recover deleted Outlook notes. With the help of methods explained in the article, you will be able to recover deleted Outlook Notes.

How to Recover Deleted Notes from Outlook?

If you are in a situation where the Outlook notes are missing, here is a quick guide to recover deleted Outlook Notes.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Outlook Notes from Folder

To recover deleted Outlook notes follow the steps given below:

  • Open Outlook, expand the Inbox dropdown.
  • Now, navigate to the Trash option and double click on it.
  • From the list search for the deleted Notes
  • Next, right-click on the file, in the dropdown navigate to Move option
  • Choose the Note folder to move the file and click on it
  • Now, go back to the note folder and check for the Deleted Outlook notes

The above steps will only help you to recover deleted notes from Trash folder if they are not permanently deleted. If you were not able to recover deleted Outlook notes from the above steps, follow the next method to recover Outlook files.

Method 2: Recover deleted Outlook notes using SCANPST:

Yes, If the Outlook is corrupt and you are unable access any contacts or notes, you can make use of inbox repair tool to recover deleted Outlook notes.

  • Use Windows Key+R and copy the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16 (Note: depending on the Outlook version replace “Office16” with the appropriate Outlook version. Click here to locate ScanPST in your Outlook versions )
  • Double click on the SCANPST.EXE file and select Browse button
  • Now, select the PST file to be repaired and click on Open
  • Next, click on the Start
  • Check the Make a backup of scanned file before repairing option
  • Click on Repair button to start the repair process

Although Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool tries to fix the Outlook data file, there is no guarantee that missing Outlook notes can be recovered. Sometimes, SCANPST might do more harm than good as it works directly on the original Outlook data file. Fortunately, deleted Outlook notes can be recovered with the help of a trusted Outlook notes recovery software.

SFWare PST repair tool is a trusted tool tailor-made to recover deleted Outlook notes and other Outlook data items. Built with a robust algorithm that is designed to recover deleted Outlook notes safely. The recovered Outlook data are sorted according to the folder making it easy for the user to access and preview the recovered Outlook notes. Download and try the SFWare PST repair tool now.

How to recover deleted Notes on Outlook

To start with the process of recovering deleted Outlook notes, download and install the SFWare PST Repair Tool and follow the below guide:

1. On the main screen, you will find three options Open PST, Find PST and Select Outlook Profile.

recover deleted Outlook by selecting open pst file

2.With Open PST file option, click on browse for the Outlook data file and click on Next. If you don't know the location of the Outlook data folder click on Find PST file

select find pst file to recover deleted Outlook notes

3.Under “Please select drive to search pst” section choose the appropriate drive and click on Find button, After scanning is complete choose the account from which notes have to be recovered and click on Next.

4.Click on Select Outlook Profile to recover data from a specific Outlook profile, choose the profile and click on Next.

Select Outlook profile for note recovery

5.Now, browse a location to save the output and click on Repair button.

Select Outlook profile for note recovery

6.After the scanning is complete, click on Destination to Preview the recovered Outlook notes.


Outlook notes are one of the methods to keep track of your important information. However, if the Outlook notes containing the information goes missing, things can get very difficult. By trying out the manual methods mentioned in the article, you will be able to recover missing Outlook notes. However, if the manual methods do not work, you can always download and use the SFWare PST Repair tool to recover the disappeared Outlook notes.