Fix Corrupt/ Damaged RAR File with SFWare

When you are compressing files using Roshal Archive to reduce the memory space used in the hard drive, there are certain instances that you need to look upon. With issues like file corruption becoming a normal thing in today’s world, there is nothing surprising if the RAR Archive misbehaves and in the end blocks access to the data that was compressed within it. Keeping in mind the techniques used for compressing files and the scenarios that damage .rar files, we have introduced SFWare RAR Repair File application that is a must needed utility for users who have to deal with .rar files on daily basis.

Why SFWare RAR Repair Tool?

SFWare RAR Repair Tool can help you with:

Why Us?

SFWare Repair RAR File Program is at the top most position on RAR Repair list, thanks to our well known and renowned customers. Keeping in mind the occurrence of good number of RAR applications, this utility leaves no effort behind when it gets in to fix damaged, unreadable, not opening, erroneous .rar file on Windows Operating Systems. Its “Read only” feature and “view of repaired contents” is the reason for its grand success around the globe.

System Requirements

Easiest Way to Repair RAR Files

how to fix rar files
Select Corrupted RAR file using 'Browse' option
software to repair winrar file
Click on 'Repair' option to start Repairing Process
how to repair rar damaged file
Preview the Repaired WinRAR File
rar file repair tool
Save Repaired RAR File on any Destination Folder

New Info is Here

  • Extract Encrypted RAR Archive

    Repair and extract the content of encrypted Roshal Archive using this file repair software named as SFWare RAR Repair Tool. This utility has an extremely easy to use interface that repairs and extract encrypted .rar Archive with ease.

  • Extract Large Sized RAR Archive

    Now it’s very easy to extract large RAR archives by using SFWare Repair RAR File software within few simple mouse clicks. To know more, click the link and read the article.

    Extract Corrupted RAR File Software

    Fixing RAR archives is easy with the help of SFWare Repair RAR File tool, works easy and smoothly on all errors and gives you healthy working RAR file back.

  • Tool to Repair Corrupt RAR File

    SFWare Repair RAR App will help you reconstruct corrupt,damaged or broken RAR file easily. Use it for repairing all kinds of corruption or damaged issues. At the end you will get healthy repaired and error free .rar file.