How to Fix the Issue “Memory Card Showing Invalid File System”

Updated on December 9, 2020

When memory card shows invalid file system as raw, it is not possible to access any data stored on that card. Well, there might be various reasons due to which your memory card shows as the invalid file system. One of the most common causes may be due to the corruption of memory card, can be due to virus infection, or improper handling of the card, and many more.

So, in order to repair the error memory card showing invalid file system, fix raw memory card using command prompt or change the file system of the card, or format the memory card. But first, it is suggested to recover data from raw memory card, and to do this, use SFWare Card Recovery Software that can be easily installed on any versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

Recover data from memory card showing invalid file system or raw file system

When your SD memory card or other removable hard disk turns to invalid raw file system from FAT or NTFS, try to rescue data at first. All you need is to download a piece of free raw SD card recovery software. It's the easiest and quickest way to recover data from raw memory card.

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Solutions for fixing memory card showing invalid file system

Solution #1: Convert raw to NTFS, FAT32 or other file system

Solution #2: Repair raw SD card using cmd

If you are worried that your SD card turned RAW, do not worry! you can easily fix and recover the data from SD card turned into RAW.

Solution #3: Format the Memory Card

The error message memory card shows invalid file system is a common error generated by the system when it is hooked up with a corrupted memory card. There are other errors like SD card not initialized, can’t format SD card, SD card can’t be formatted, etc., which can be easily resolved and data can be recovered with the help of SFWare Card Recovery Toolkit.