Fix the Memory Card Error: SD Card Shows Invalid File System

Updated on November 29, 2022

When SD cards or memory cards displays an error invalid file system, it means the SD card has tuned RAW. When SD card shows RAW or unallocated, it is impossible to access existing data on it. This article helps you fix the SD card and with the help of SFWare, you can easily recover data from the inaccessible SD card. Download the software now and try it for free.

SD cards are the removable memory chips that enhance the storage capacity of the device externally. It adds the additional storage to your digital devices like camera, mobile phones and more. Be it important files or documents, they are stored on SD card for easy and better access on other compatible devices.

What if you were not able to access your important data stored on the SD card because of the invalid file system error?

Reasons that Cause SD card invalid file system error

The most common factor behind the error invalid file system is corruption. Corruption on SD card can occur due to virus present on the PC or devices. Improper handling of SD cards could also lead to corruption in read/write operations on file system and hence, invalid file system.

Irrespective of the causes, once the SD card is corrupted or turned raw, data becomes inaccessible. To access lost data on SD card, it has to be repaired/fixed. However, most of the repairing process involves data loss situation. Therefore, it is highly recommended to recover data from the SD card that is inaccessible using a trusted a recovery software.

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1. Fix Invalid File System Error on SD Card/ Memory Card:

If you have secured your data by keeping a backup, you can try repairing the SD card to fix the invalid file system error. Click on the link to follow the various methods to repair the SD card.

2. Recover Data from SD Card Showing Invalid File System

If you have no backup and your data is important, it is highly recommended to recover your data before repairing the SD card. Repairing the drive would involve formatting, where data loss can be inevitable.

SFWare SD card recovery software, well known for its performance, is the most recommended and trusted too. The search algorithm of the tool is designed in a way where, it reaches each sector of the drive to scan and recover data. It can recover data from any file system including NTFS, HFS, FAT, APFS and RAW as well. Try the software for free no and save the data only if your satisfied by the results.

How to Recover Data from SD Card Showing Invalid File System

To recover data from SD card showing invalid file system, download and install the SFWare SD card Recovery software on your computer and launch the application. Connect your SD card to the computer using any card reader or USB cable for mobile phones.

From the main screen, Select Recover Drive/Partitions, next click on Drive/Partition Recovery

Recover Drive showing invalid file system

Select the SD card drive from the shown list of drives and hit Next button

Select the SD card showing invalid file system

Now, the tool scans for the files saved on the drive and displays the recoverable files in Data View or File Type View

Preview the files recovered from SD card

Select the files you want to recover. Once the process completes, you can preview and save the files on any location on the computer.

Preview the files recovered from SD card

With the help of SFWare, you can also recover data from the SD card displaying like SD card not initialized, can’t format SD card, SD card can’t be formatted and many more.

Fix the Memory Card/SD card Showing Invalid File System or RAW

To fix the any error on SD card including the file system error, you can try any of the three methods below:

Method 1: Format the SD card to fix Invalid File system

Formatting is the process of erasing data from the drive. This process helps in repairing any corrupt SD cards.

If you have forgotten to save your data before formatting, do not worry! Click here to see the steps to recover data from SD Card using SFWare.

Method 2: Reformat the SD Card Drive

Reformatting the drive means changing a file system format to another format. If the SD card showing RAW, you can convert RAW file system to NTFS or FAT.

Once the re-formatting process completes, SD card will have the new file system. Most of the SD card errors could be solved using this method.

Method 3: Repair Invalid File System SD Card Using CMD

CHKDSK could be used to fix any logical errors on the drive. However, CHKDSK is cannot be employed for the RAW drives. Therefore, when SD card turns RAW, you can try formatting using the following command:

Once your file system transfer procedure is finished, enter the Exit.


When SD cards/memory cards becomes RAW, data becomes inaccessible. Above given are few methods to fix the trouble. It is always recommended to keep back up of your important data to avoid any data loss situation and scan the card for virus before using it on multiple devices. If you face any data loss situations, you can always rely on SFWare Data Recovery tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the file system on my SD card?

One of the best methods to fix invalid file system is to use Scan and repair drive feature. All you need to do is, connect your Sd card to computer using card reader. Click on this PC and right click on your Sd card drive. Select Properties and click on Tools. Select the Check option and scan and repair drive. If your Scan and Repair is stuck, click on the link to easily fix the problem.

Can I recover files from invalid file system?

Yes, with the help of professional Sd card recovery tool, you can easily recover files from SD card displaying invalid file system or unsupported file system.

How to Fix invalid file system using command prompt?

You can make use Diskpart command in command prompt to fix the Sd card invalid file system problem. Type the Diskpart to open the Diskpart >> click on Enter button.

  • Enter the H:/FS: NTFS or H:/FS: FAT32 (H is a drive letter of the specific SD card).
  • Once your file system transfer procedure is finished, enter the Exit.

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