How Do I View Hidden Files On A Flash Drive?

Updated on September 14, 2022

What would you do if your important files go missing from the flash drive? Or your files become hidden on the drive and cannot be viewed? Know how to unhide your hidden files on Windows PC using simple manual methods. Also, know ho to recover files that are deleted or lost/hidden from from flash drives using a most trusted and recommended tool.

Can files disappear from a flash drive?

Yes, your important files can disappear from your flash drive. you might have accidentally set the files to hidden. Another most common cause is malware.

Viruses do not always delete your files. Some viruses modify the properties of the files to make them hidden. This makes you think that files are gone, though they are still there, invisible. Even when you scan the drive with an antivirus program, it will only remove the virus and not make you view the file. To view your files, you must unhide them first.

Files on flash drives can become hidden due to various reasons. Most common reasons that lead files go missing or hidden are accidental deletion of files, improper program installations, system update, virus attacks. Malware sometimes can mark your files as hidden and you will not be able to see your files when you open the drive.

Irrespective of any reasons mentioned above you can view your hidden files and unhide them easily with some Quick solutions.

How to Show Hidden Files on USB drives?

Method 1: Unhide files in Flash drive using Control Panel

After the completion of steps, close the tab and try opening your Flash drives and verify if your hidden files are seen.

Method 2: Show hidden files using Attrib Command

Attrib command allows you to change the characteristics or attributes of the computer file or directory. Attrib command is basically used to recover hidden files from USB flash drives usually after a shortcut virus.

It might take some time to complete the process. After the completion of the process, verify by safely ejecting the USB drive and re-open it. The attrib command should be able to solve your problem.

Method 3: View Hidden Files Using File Explorer

Try to make hidden files visible with File Explorer, a built-in tool in any version of Windows.

By following any of the above-mentioned methods you should be able to make your hidden files view. What if your Show hidden files and folders not responding? What to do if you fail to unhide files or hidden files are deleted files accidentally for some reasons from the flash drive?

Without any delay you should try recovering your files from the USB flash drives using a safe and secure USB data recovery tool.

SFWare USB Recovery Tool is equipped with a user friendly interface that helps you recover hidden files and folders recovery processes with ease. The tool is employed with a powerful scanning algorithm to identify and recover different file types. The deep scan feature of the tool searches every sector of the drive to recover lost/deleted data from USB drives. You just have to download and install the software on your computer and then follow the simple on-screen instruction to recover the hidden or missing data.

How to Recover Hidden Files and Folders from Flash drive?

To recover hidden files and folders from the USB flash drive, connect your USB drive to your computer. Download and install the SFWare USB recovery tool. Launch the application.

Step 1: Select Recover Drive/Partitions from the main screen. Select Drive/Partition Recovery

Select Drive/Partition Recovery

Step 2: In the next screen, you will be able to see all the available drives including the external hard drive connected to your system. Choose the drive that represents the USB drive and click on the Next option.

Select Drive

Step 3: Once the scanning process completes, you will be able to see your files in Data View and File Type View

Recovered Files View

Step 4: You can preview the files before saving. If you are happy with the results, save the recovered hidden files in your desired location on the computer.


Important features of SFWare USB Data Recovery Tool:

Frequently asked questions

How do you show hidden files on USB?

There are 3 ways you can view hidden files in USB. First one is using control panel opttions, second method is to Attrib Command in command prompt and third method is using File explorer.

Why are my USB files hidden?

If your files are hidden in USB, it might be affected with a virus or malware. Virus can sometimes mark the files on your device as hidden so that you cannot see them when you open the device. In such situation, you need to remove virus from pen drive.

Does command help you to show hidden files?

Yes, using the command attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.* you can unhide hidden files in USB. D is your drive letter. The command: -h: clears the Hidden file attribute, -r: clears the Read-only file attribute, -s: clears the System file attribute, /s: applies attrib and any command-line options to matching files in the current directory and all of its subdirectories, /d: applies attrib and any command-line