How to Recover Photos and Videos From Drones?

Updated on January 09, 2023

Irrespective of the reasons, video footages lost from drones are really distressing. When you have captured the footages going through all the odds, it becomes impossible to lose them. If you have lost your photos and videos from drone, you are on the right page. The article provides you a free and professional methods to help recovering lost drone data.

Drone cameras are also called as UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle), guided by remote control to capture HD aerial photos and videos. Drones can be equipped with camera such as GoPro, Panasonic, Canon, etc. or they come with built-in cameras to record and capture aerial footage and images. All the videos and photos captured by drone cameras are recorded in high speed UHS-1 or 2 SD cards. The images and videos are usually of JPEG, DNG (RAW), JPEG + DNG, MP4, MOV (AVC/H.264; HEVC/H.265) format.

Data loss in any device is inevitable including drones and SD cards used in them. Follow the write-up to know what causes drone recording go missing and how to recover photos and videos from drone camera.

What are the reasons for missing drone recordings?

There are several scenarios and circumstances that make your drone photos and videos loss. Some of the common causes are mentioned below-

How can I recover files from drone?

You can recover photos and videos from drone using 3 different methods.

The photos and videos in drones are usually of high resolution, 4K HD quality stored in Class 10 or UHS-1 SD cards. Hence it is recommended to choose a software that proficiently recovers files without confining their original quality and SFWare Video recovery tool is one among the them.

SFWare Video Recovery software is availabe for both Windows and Mac system. Any loss of camera drone files, including images of the format JPG/JPEG, PNG and videos in the format of MP4, MOV, FLV and other can be effectively recovered by SFWare. Also, supports drone file recovery from DJI Mini, DJI Air, DJI Mavic Air, DJI Mini SE drone cameras and etc.

Note: As you discover photos or video loss in drone camera, immediately stop using the drone’s SD card to avoid overwriting of data and try recovering data with an effective drone file recovery software. By doing so, you can easily recover missing videos from the PC

Recover Media Files from Drone Camera with Drone File Recovery Software

Step 1: Launch the software and Select Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos depending on the data loss situation you are experiencing. The software also recovers videos from the all types of storage medium

Select option to recover drone file

Step 2: Choose the drive to recover lost files from drone camera

Select drive/partitions

Step 3: Select the preferred file types you want to recover and click Next

choose file types

Step 4: Once the scan is done, recovered files can be viewed in Data View and File Type View

Choose file types

Step 5: Double click on the restored file to get the preview and validate the data recovered


Step 6: Save the recovered lost files by giving the desired location on your system

Save recovered files

Using SFWare vedio recovery software is one of the best way to recover videos/ photos from Drone cameras. It recovers files from most popular drone camera brands like DJI Mavic, Inspire, Phantom or Sparkfrom, Parrot Bebop 2 / Anafi, ZeroTech Dobby and many other. It also helps in recovering various video formats like MP4 MOV and others.

Recover videos from drone without a software

1. Using chkdsk: Check disk (CHKDSK ) is used for reformatting the SD card when the error “SD card is damaged” pops up on the screen.
2. Reinstall the driver: Used when PC doesn’t recognise the drone camera’s SD card. Reinstalling a driver will enable the system to detect SD card.

Recover drone files using chkdsk

When drone SD card gives error as mentioned above, there may be chances of SD card being corrupt. Performing chkdsk will certainly help in fixing the issue. But it is not a guaranteed process to keep your data unharmed. There may be chances of losing data while performing this procedure. Hence, it is suggested to use professional vedio recovery software for safe and secure recovery of drone data.

Follow the below steps to fix SD card error

Reinstallation of driver to fix drone SD card and recover data

The below given procedure helps in fixing issues that are associated only with system driver.

Why Choose SFWare Video Recovery Software?


Hope you have now found a detailed information about drone file recovery and on how to recover photos and videos from drone camera. It is an essential constraint to keep your drone data safe as it holds videos that you poured all your hard work into. Any data loss situation occurs, and you are at the edge of losing your important video files. For future reference, keep this information handy to recover done photos and videos with SFWare video recovery software, a proficient drone file recovery software.