Restore Deleted Files in Eclipse

Deleting files accidentally is never a good thing. Especially more when you have deleted files from Eclipse workspace. You are working on an important project and cannot afford to lose files. Working on a project in Eclipse workspace takes a lot of time, thus losing files as a result of accidental deletion, drive corruption, or even Eclipse crash is not acceptable.

Well, don’t worry, your files are not permanently erased. It is possible to get back deleted files from Eclipse with the help of recovery methods. Read on to know some of the ways by which you can restore deleted files from Eclipse workspace –

Method 1: Restore from local history

Follow these steps to recover files deleted on Eclipse –

  • Select Project
  • Now right click on it, and select Restore from local history
  • Select the files and hit on OK option

That’s it; this is a simple way to retrieve deleted files, projects, and directories from Eclipse.

Method 2: Using File Recovery software

Suppose you weren’t able to recover deleted Eclipse files using the method listed above, then here is another way by which you can get back files. SFWare Deleted File Recovery software comes as a savior when you have deleted files from Eclipse. Yes, this tool will recover deleted files, and project contents from Eclipse workspace in just few simple steps. Let’s see how –

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Deleted Files from Eclipse:

  • Download SFWare Deleted File Recovery software on your PC
  • Install and run the tool. On the main screen, 2 options “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” will be displayed
  • Select “Deleted File Recovery” option to recover deleted files
  • Now select the drive from where you want to restore deleted Eclipse files and click on “Next” option
  • Software starts to scan selected drive for deleted files and then displays the recoverable files
  • Preview the recovered files and save them on any destination as preferred

SFWare Deleted File Recovery utility performs deleted file recovery from hard drive, memory card, external drive, USB flash drive, and other storage medias with ease. Even when files are deleted using Shift Delete option, emptied from Recycle Bin, erased after drive format, you can make use of this tool to restore deleted files. Various files like documents, presentation files, photos, video files, spreadsheets, and so on will be restored.

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