How to Recover Files Deleted using ‘rm’ Command in Mac

The page describes about the method which users can make use in order to recover the files that are deleted with 'rm' command on Mac. SFWare Deleted File Recovery for Mac is the ideal one in such cases. You’ll get to restore different types of files using this toolkit.

Consider a situation where you use command line quite a bit. While you’re working on it, you find that you’re low on space. So you decide to do a clean-up and delete some folders using the ‘rm’ command. After deletion, you realize some important files which you didn’t intend to delete were also deleted.

It is important to know that files deleted using ‘rm’ command are not Trashed, instead they are directly deleted. So how do you recover these files?

What are your options? In this article you learn about recovery options and what you can do from your end to make recovery successful. Read on to learn more.

IMPORTANT: When a file is deleted, only the pointers to the file are removed. The actual file is still present on the hard drive. So, it is important you don’t use the system after deletion. Doing so will overwrite files on the deleted file and make recovery impossible.

There are various data recovery tools available that can undo ‘rm’ command and get you back your files. SF Ware is one of the best in the market that offers a complete recovery solution.

What makes SF Ware data recovery the best?

It has unique algorithms using which it can identify file types and recover data. All types of files such as Word, Excel, PDF, PPT’s etc. can be recovered.

If a large number of files are recovered, it may be hard for you to find the files you want. In that case, you can use the Find feature in the tool to find files of a specific type.

Also say you’ve connected an external hard drive to your computer and used ‘rm’ command to delete files on it. Now if you want to recover them, SF Ware comes in handy. Yes, this tool can be used for data recovery from other storage devices such as hard drives and USB’s as well.

The supports all file system such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 etc. It supports all Mac versions from OS X 10.5 and later (Leopard).

How to recover 'rm' deleted files using SF Ware?

Prepare your computer for data recovery

Download and install SF Ware File Recovery software on the system. If data needs to be recovered from external storage devices, connect it to your computer and keep it ready.

Perform data recovery

  • Run the application and click on Recover Files in the home screen
  • Two options are provided - Recover deleted files and Recover lost files. Select Recover deleted files
  • Select the drive from which data needs to be recovered

At the end of the recovery process, you should have all your deleted data restored successfully at the destination you picked. But remember not to save recovered files to the same drive from where the deleted file recovery has been done.

About SFWare Deleted File Recovery for Mac

  • Easily recovers deleted as well as lost files from SSD
  • Supports recovery of files from Trash, hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, etc.
  • Restores various types of files like documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, ZIP, PPTs, and many more
  • Supports to retrieve data lost or deleted due to accidental deletion, and other human errors

Preview and save

After completion of scanning process, files are displayed. Select required files from the list and preview them in Mac finder style. If you’re satisfied with the result, purchase the software to save them.

On a side note, what if you have cleared your Mac trash or used Command + Delete keys to delete files. Recovery is still possible. Read how to retrieve deleted files from Mac trash to learn more about the recovery process.

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