How to Recover Files Deleted using ‘rm’ Command in Mac

Updated on March 20, 2022

Rm is the command along with the files to delete files in Mac computers. If you have used the command accidentally and deleted the files, it becomes impossible to recover the deleted files manually. Because the deleted files will bypass the trash folder. You can make use of SFWare Deleted File Recovery software for Mac, in order to recover your important files that are deleted with the 'rm' command on Mac.

Mac computers are designed with a built-in application called Terminal. This is a command line interface used to manage or execute functions. rm filename is a command used in Mac Terminal to delete files permanently just like Shift + Delete in the Windows computer.

Can files deleted with rm be recovered?

It is important to know that files deleted using ‘rm’ command are not trashed, instead they are directly deleted. When a file is deleted, only the pointers to the file are removed. The actual file will still exist on the hard drive. Therefore, it is recommended not to use the drive after deletion of data using rm command. Doing so will overwrite files on the deleted file and make recovery impossible.

Recover Deleted Files from Time Backup Machine

By default, Time Machine backups everything on your Mac. Therefore, you can try recovering your deleted files using ‘rm’ command.

Step 1: Go to the Apple menu -> select System Preferences -> Time Machine

Step 2: Click on the check box, Show Time machine -> next, click on Enter Time Machine

Step 3: Now, click on Restore to recover your deleted files with RM command. You can find the deleted files in its original location from where it has been deleted.

Though Time Machine back up everything and recovers deleted files, you must go through all the files listed to find your deleted important files. therefore, it can be a long process.

So how do you recover permanently deleted files from Mac without losing time? Follow the next steps to recover your rm command deleted files within a few mouse clicks.

SFWare Deleted File Recovery For Mac software is designed with an easy interface and unique algorithm that makes the complex recovery process simple. The tool easily identifies various file types such as Word, Excel, PDF, PPT’s etc. To make your search easier, the tool provides the find feature to find specific file types. The tool supports recovery from ExFAT, FAT, HFS and other file systems on all Mac versions including the recent Mac Catalina, High Sierra, Mojava and etc.

How to recover files that are deleted with ‘rm’ command on Mac?

There are various data recovery tools available that can undo ‘rm’ commands and get you back your files. SFWare Deleted File Recovery for Mac is one of the best and most recommended software to recover permanently deleted or rm command deleted files.

Prepare your computer for data recovery

Download and install SF Ware Deleted File Recovery software on the system. If data needs to be recovered from external storage devices, connect it to your computer and keep it ready.

Perform data recovery

By the end of the recovery process, you should have all your deleted data restored successfully at the destination you picked. But remember not to save recovered files to the same drive from where the deleted file recovery has been done.

About SFWare Deleted File Recovery for Mac

On a side note, what if you have cleared your Mac trash or used Command + Delete keys to delete files. Recovery is still possible. Read how to retrieve deleted files from Mac trash to learn more about the recovery process.

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