How to Recovery Data from NAS Drives?

Updated on September 03, 2022

First time when NAS hard drive breaks, it goes unnoticed because RAID NAS device will be able to continue working with one failed hard drive. If the second drive fails, that cause NAS crash and data stored in NAS will be lost. It is important to recover at least one of the hard drives to get back lost data from the network storage. SFWare hard drive recovery tool is the safest way to recover data from NAS.

What is a NAS Drive?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is the computer data storage server that operates on file level. It understands the file systems and connects more than one kind of processors on a network. NAS has gain popularity because of its wide sharing of data all over the network. NAS provides an appropriate and a rapid way to increase the available storage space.

RAID based NAS is a popular network attached storage used widely as it is cost-effective, reliable and easily accessible storage solutions among the enterprises, small businesses and individuals. What happens when the NAS appliance itself fails and recovering RAID data also becomes complex?

What Happenes When NAS Drive Fail?

Though NAS is used widely, like other storage drives NAS drives are also subjected to failures, under those situations NAS devices don't provide access to the storage. Thus, to recover data from a NAS, it's required to get disks out of the device and connect them to a PC for NAS data recovery.

Sometimes plugging individual HDDs into a PC will not work, because trying to reuse the disk drives in a new NAS may need re-initialization, thereby it destroys the existing data and makes hard to recover data from NAS. This guide helps you to perform NAS data recovery within few clicks and allows you to gain access to your important data stored in network hard drive or NAS.

Data Loss Scenarios from NAS Drive

How to Recover Data from NAS Hard Drive?

If your files are accidentally deleted, formatted or modified from the drive, it is easy to recover data from NAS using Previous Version. Backup and Recovery feature in computer that is used for NAS data recovery.

Note: You can use Previous Version only when there is a restore point that was made prior to the data loss disaster. If you have no restore point! this method will not assist you in recovering data. You can also use this method to recover data from Seagate NAS hard drive

Here's how to do NAS data recovery using Previous Version:

• Create a folder to recover NAS data with the exact name of lost NAS folder

• Go to Properties and select Previous Version. A list of files and folders backed up at different restore point will be displayed

• Select the version which you need and click on restore to recover data from NAS drive

What if data is inaccessible due to corruption or damage? As above mentioned, this solution only helps if any restore point is created. If not, previous version fails to achieve NAS file recovery. But still it is possible to restore your important data from NAS drive with the help of an effective NAS Data Recovery software.

Is it Possible to Recover Data from Corrupt NAS Drive?

A damaged or corrupt RAID based NAS drive cannot be accessed or repaired without formatting the installed NAS hard drives, one need to reconfigure everything to make it work again. If you do so, set up will be completely destroyed along with the data stored on network and NAS data recovery becomes impossible. Hence it is recommended to use a NAS data recovery software to recover data.

SFWare is a comprehensive solution for NAS data recovery that helps in recovering all NAS files stored in network drive without creating any hassle. SFWare hard drive recovery software recognizes most presently applied file systems including those of NAS systems and finds all parameters needed for the recovery, such as RAID start sector, stripe size, rotation and drive order. This tool comes with an automatic advanced scan engine designed to detect and execute NAS data recovery from various data loss scenarios.

Recover Data from NAS Hard Drive using SFWare

Download and install software to recover NAS data from the drive. Launch the application.

Step 1: Click on Drive / Partition Recovery, select the NAS drive from where data is to be recovered

Recovered Files View

Step 2: Select the NAS disk with suitable file system. Scanning process initialises

Recovered Files View

Step 3: After the completion of scanning. Recovered NAS files can be either viewed in Data View or File Type View

Recovered Files View

Step 4: Double click on the recovered files to preview the recovered files and save the them in the desired location

Preview Recovered Files


Hope this article has helped you to recover complex NAS Data. It is necessary to keep back up of the files or update the restore point regularly to stay out from facing data loss situation from network hard drive. If you have not taken any backup or forgot to update a restore point, you can always rely on the SFware tool for NAS drive recovery.

It also provides a support team that works 24/7 to assist its users in case of any difficulty faced during the process of recovery of data from NAS drive.