Retrieve JBOD Drive Data

JBOD stands for “Just a Bunch Of Disks” and its purpose is only to combine the multiple hard drives into one of various sizes that configure them into either a single logical Volume or into a group of individual hard disks. In simple words, it’s just opposite of Partitioning. JBOD does not provide the redundancy and hence is not a level of RAID. JBOD does not usually involve array, but you could use software RAID to span disks. Using JBOD you can combine several disks together and make it huge space for storing any kind of data in it.

What to do when JBOD fails?

When any one of the hard disk of JBOD fails, in this case array (RAID) cannot be restored easily. JBOD failure can seriously affect your data present in it. For the best results you must be very careful when handling. Do not operate anything on these disks and turn off the system to prevent further more data loss. To overcome from these data loss cases, you must use recovery software in order to recover data from JBOD.

Recovering data from JBOD Drive is just few clicks away!!

Using SFWare Partition Recovery App you can easily retrieve JBOD drive data in a short interval of time successfully, but only when the RAID (0,1, 5) of JBOD is intact.

Causes for Data loss on JBOD:

  • File system corruption
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Improper formatting of the drive
  • Hard drive failure or crashes

Data loss can occur anytime due to a single hard drive failure, immediately seek help from hard drive data recovery tool mentioned above that offers the recovery services with high success rates. Software provides easy download and installation with few recovery steps retrieve JBOD drive data easily!

SFWare Partition Recovery Software Features:

Software stands the best among others, it has very simple and easy guidelines for recovering jbod drive data peacefully. It is designed and developed using advanced scanning techniques which provides the excellent security and guaranteed outcome:

  • Facilitated with Preview option to check the recovered JBOD drive data
  • Even recover data from RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 present in JBOD drive easily
  • “Save Recovery Session” will help you stop/restart your scanning process anytime
  • SFWare Partition Recovery Software provides demo version which is freely downloadable allows you to evaluate the program performance before going for actual purchase
  • Compatible on all versions of Windows OS including the latest release of Windows 10 and other earlier versions ie, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Win 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2008 and Server 2012
  • You can even store the recovered data in a compressed .zip manner using the same tool
  • SFWare Partition Recovery also supports hard drive having SATA, SCSI, ATA, IDE interfaces with FAT/NTFS file system
  • Recover data from hard drive even after formatting, deleting, and also from corrupted disks
  • Supports all types of hard disks like external hard drives, flash cards, flash drives and many others
  • Technical Help will be available for 24/7/365 days, feel free to contact us anytime

SFWare for Partition Recovery Tool is one solution for every hard drive problem, helps recovering data from hard drive having bad sectors easily and other problems like failed hard disk, damaged disk and many more in a short interval of time.

Recover JBOD Drive Data using these steps:

  • Download SFWare Partition Recovery Software and install it on your Windows system
  • Follow the instructions and complete the installation process neatly
  • Double click on the software icon to Run the application
  • Select “Recover Drives/Volumes” from the first screen, and then choose “Partition Recovery” option from second window. If you've lost data due to formatting, then Choose "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" option
  • Choose the JBOD drive to recover data from it and click on “Next” option to initiate the recovery process
  • Once recovery process is completed, you can view data recovered from JBOD drive
  • Use “Preview” option to view the files and to store retrieved JBOD drive data click on “Save” option

Things to consider:

  • Do not make use of the disk after losing data or formatting it
  • Avoid adding new files/data into the same drive (JBOD)
  • Do not use faulty recovery tools without having the complete knowledge on drive recovery

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