How to Recover Data From JBOD Drive?

Updated on August 18, 2022

Using multiple disks on Windows with unique(different) drive letters is enough to create JBOD. Any damage to one of the drives could create a problem and makes your data inaccessible. in such situations, all you need to do is Recover your data from the JBOD. Download the most trusted data recovery software now and try it for free..

What is JBOD?

JBOD stands for Just a Bunch of Disks, means, connecting multiple external drives to your computer with their own drive letter. This makes multiple disk looks like one storage volume. Unlike striping in RAID, JBOD spans them together by connecting the end of one drive to the beginning of the next connected drives. Therefore, the JBOD appears as one large volume with different drive sizes.

What Causes Data loss from JBOD Drive?

Here are a few reasons that leads to data loss from JBOD unlike all other drives.

Irrespective of the reasons that cause data loss from JBOD, it is important to know what to be done to keep files safe and recover them from JBOD drives.

What to do when JBOD fails?

Any damage caused to one of the drives on JBOD, makes entire spanned volume data inaccessible and data present on the drive probably lost. Therefore, any of the drives fail in JBOD, your data is at risk. To avoid more data loss situation, it is recommended to stop using the drives until the data recovery from JBOD is performed. Because, overwriting the drive leads to the permanent data loss from the disk.

Data loss on a JBOD is inevitable. With SFWare Partition Recover software, recovering data from JBOD Drive is just few clicks away! The tool with its intense scanning algorithm, scans each drive’s sector and recover data from the drive partition without causing any damage to the data existing on the drives.

Recover JBOD Drive Data with SFWare

Download SFWare Partition Recovery Software and install it on your Windows system. Follow the instructions and complete the installation process neatly. Double click on the software icon to Run the application

Software stands the best among others, it has very simple and easy guidelines for recovering RAID, JBOD and NAS drive data peacefully. It is designed and developed using advanced scanning techniques which provides the excellent security and guaranteed outcome:

Tips to avoid data loss from JBOD drives