How to Fix Corrupt Partition and Recover Partition When It Becomes Unreadable?

Updated on October 27, 2021

When your Disk/ Partition becomes unreadable the data in it is either stuck or unreadable. Learn ways in which a partition becomes corrupt and to recover data from unreadable partition. If you have already tried the troubleshooting, download SFWare partition recovery to recover unreadable partition.

Few Common Reasons that Lead to Unreadable Partition

If you are thinking why your hard drive, external drives, USBs suddenly becomes unreadable, here are a few causes listed:

Few error messages that are displayed when partition becomes corrupt and unreadable

  1. The File or Directory Is Corrupt and Unreadable
  2. You Need to Format the Disk in Drive Before Using It
  3. Drive Is Not Formatted Error
  4. Error Device Is Not Ready and Many More

If you ever come across these errors, all you must do is, recover data and try fixing the partition.

Case study:

A couple of days ago one of my partitions that had my project report and documents stopped being recognized in Windows. After a bit of investigation, I figured that it was the drives partition that had the problem. I wanted to try some of the methods to fix the problem but I am scared for my data. Does anyone know of any decent software that can be used to recover data unreadable partitions?

If you are worried for your data, before stepping into fixing the partition, it is recommended to perform recovery on the partition.

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Recover Data from Unreadable/Corrupt Partition
2 Simple Methods to Fix the Unreadable/Corrupt or Damaged Partition

Once data is made secured from the unreadable partition, you can go head and try fixing the issue either by using CHKDSK command on Windows or formatting the partition.

Method1: Fix Unreadable Partition using CHKDSK

Step 1: Click Start and type cmd in the Search box.

Step 2: Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator

Step 3: Type CHKDSK F: /f /r /x hit Enter

(Replace F: with the drive letter of your corrupted or unreadable device.

This method should help you fix corrupt and unreadable partition. If this process doesn’t solve your problem, you can try formatting the partition. Although Most of the logical errors get fixed when the drive is formatted.

Method 2: Format the Unreadable/Corrupt Drive

Note: Make sure you have the backup of the data because, formatting erases all the data from the drive.

Step 1: Open This PC

Step 2: Right-click the disk that is displaying corrupted and unreadable error and choose Format

Step 3: Assign a file system to your drive and click Start.

If you would like to reformat with the new file system:

For USB, SD - FAT32, ExFAT

For External/Internal Hard Drive – NTFS

If you have formatted the drive without recovering data. Do not worry! We have solution for that too.

Is it Possible to Recover Data from Unreadable Partition?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from unreadable or corrupt/damaged partitions. Whenever you come across the situation of partition being unreadable you should stop using the partition/drive. Since, the usage of drive leads to permanent data loss from the partition and recovery becomes impossible. Whenever new data is written on the drive, this overwrites the existing data. Therefore, it is recommended not to make use your volume until the data is recovered.

To recover data from unreadable partition, you can try using the most recommended hard drive recovery software by professionals. SFWare partition recovery software, with its ability to carry out robust Raw Signature search recovers data from unreadable or inaccessible partitions. The Software works on the copy of your data and therefore, you don’t need to worry about data loss from the volume. Also, you can try it for free…

Steps to Recover Data from Unreadable Partition

With the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Toolkit, one can easily restore various type of files from un-readable partition in few simple clicks.

Download SFWare Partition Recovery Application and install on healthy partition on your system successfully. Run the application by double clicking on icon created on desktop and begin data recovery process.

  • Choose "Recover Drive/Partition" option followed by selecting the drive representing unreadable partition
  • Now application scans your unreadable hard drive partition, which locates all recoverable files and displays on screen in File Type View and Data View format
  • Choose file type that you would like to recover else skip this step to perform complete data recovery process
  • Application begins recovery steps and takes few minutes to complete successfully. Later, you can view all recovered data using Preview option

  • Finally, save the recovered data on desired location.

  • Important features of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool:

    • SFWare Partition Recovery Program is one of the robust programs that helps in recovering data from corrupt and damaged drives in a jiffy.

    • It can retrieve more than 300+ different types and formats of files from any unreadable partition.

    • Effortlessly restore data from the formatted external hard drives, inaccessible hdd, etc.

    • Successfully executes recovery of unreadable partition on all versions of both Windows and Mac OS

    • Has an ability to retrieve files from external hard drives with FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+/ HFSX partitions with utmost ease

    • 24*7, technical team will be available to solve any problems that occurs during unreadable partition recovery process, installation etc.

    General tips to keep your data safe:

    It is recommended to keep a backup of important partition files in any external storage device to avoid data loss

    Use only reliable third-party tool to prevent virus/malware infections from the system

    Always connect system to UPS whenever it is in use, so that sudden power failure cannot affect any of your files while transferring.