How to UnRAR Password Protected RAR File

“I recently downloaded a large size RAR file from internet which is protected with password. When I tried to access, it prompted me for the password. I don’t have any password of this file and any how I need to crack this. I want to know how to open password protected RAR file. If there is any way to extract password protected RAR, then please let me know ASAP?”

Yes, definitely there is a way of extracting a password protected RAR file swiftly and effortlessly. Make use of SFWare Repair RAR File Software that will teach you how to extract password protected RAR file within few minutes. This tool works on read only mechanism thus it do not modify original files. This software is developed using high technology repairing algorithm by artistic engineers. It is compatible with all latest version of Windows Operating System. It has an ability to repair password protected RAR file, damaged or corrupted RAR file in a couple of easy steps.

Various Scenarios that can corrupt password protected RAR files:

  • CRC Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check error may stop extraction of password protected RAR files. In such cases make use of reliable third party Password Protected RAR files fixing tool, and extract the password protected RAR files easily.
  • Virus Attack: Virus ifections on computer system may lead to corruption of password protected RAR files.
  • Improper Downloading: When you download password protected RAR files improperly from the network, there are possibilities that you may be unable to extract password protected RAR files.
  • Header File Corruption:When header files of RAR files get corrupted due to some sort of unpredictable reasons, then there is chance of password protected file corruption.

General features of SFWare Repair RAR File:

  • Ability extracting a password protected RAR file of all versions
  • Repairing password protected and CRC error RAR files easily
  • Repair RAR files having size of 4GB or more than that
  • Attractive and easy-to-use interface
  • Powerful built-in repairing algorithm
  • 24*7 technical support is provided to customer
  • Demo edition available to check the capability of the tool

SFWare Repair RAR File Steps:

  • Download SFWare Repair RAR file and install it
  • Select RAR file and click "Repair"
  • Quick repairing and recovering process will take place
  • This software provides "Preview" option to view repaired RAR File
  • Buy registered version of this tool in order to save fixed RAR file

Safety Measures:

  • Conversion of files should be properly done
  • Update Antivirus regularly to secure your PC
  • Avoid interruption while downloading RAR files

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