Steps to Restore Word Document from Temporary Files

Updated on July 01, 2022

Word document is most effectively used application to create the documents, files and more. What if you happen to lose your important document due to unknown errors or corruption? This article helps you recover your unsaved files using temp folder. However, with the help of SFWare Word Repair, you can repair the corrupt .doc .docx files and recover then as well without any trouble.

At times when Word document is not responding for a long time, you might experience crash. However, Microsoft Word creates temporary files while creating Word document. You can find it in Windows Temp folder. If you are working on a network drive, then look at the network drive. This file starts with the ~ and then has different characters. Using these files lost data can be recovered easily.

How Can I Recover Word Documents from Temporary Files?

Word file can get corrupted due to the computer crash, power surge, or due to human errors. However, Word application has built in features to save and recover unsaved documents.

With Auto Save and Auto Recovery options, you can recover data from damaged/corrupt Word document. If Auto Recovery or Auto Save mode is not enabled, the recovery from them is unavailable.

In such situations, you can use temporary files to recover the data from unsaved or crashed Word document.

How to Recover Word Document from Temporary Files?

Temporary files can be used to recover Word documents that come with .tmp, .wbk, or .asd extension. Usually, these files are found in the Application Data folder under Microsoft.

You can also check the ‘Temp’ folder under Local Settings.

It will help you to get back content of lost Word document. In case, temporary files are not found or you didn’t get expected results from it, then try out the SFWare Repair Word Document tool to repair and recover text from Word file. This tool will also ensure that you will be able to repair word docment that cannot be opened due to content problems

SFWare Repair Word Document tool:

Easy to use SFWare Repair Word Document software helps to repair and recover text from damaged Word file in less time. The tool easily recovers Word file attributes, such as images, header, footers, graphics, tables, charts, OLE objects, etc. Moreover, it doesn’t modify your source Word file during the repair process.

How to Repair and Recover Word Document without using Temp Files?

Download SFWare Repair Word Document application on your Windows. Then, install and launch the tool as per instructions shown on the screen. Next, do as follows to get it fixed in no time.

Why SFWare Repair Word Document to Fix Word Files?