The File Cannot be Opened because there are Problems with the Contents

Word documents sometimes encounter errors which annoy us. While trying to open a DOCX file, an error message pops up stating – “File cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents”. This error message indicates that the Word file contents have some issue which is preventing the file from opening.

What are the Causes for Word Document Content Error?

The content error message is not very common. So whenever you encounter this error – “The file DOCX cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents”, it indicates that the Word file could be corrupted. Some of the reasons behind Word document corruption are as follows:

  • Word file header corruption
  • Opening DOCX file in an incompatible application
  • Microsoft Word application crash
  • Interruptions when .docx files are in transfer
  • Frequently upgrading Word document from one version to another

So when you are unable to open Word DOCX file due to content error message, the next step is to fix the file. We tell you how you can fix the error message and open .docx file.

1) Using Open and Repair feature:

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Go to File menu, click Open
  • In the Open dialog box, select the Word document
  • Click on the arrow next to Open button, and click Open and Repair option

Any problem or corruption with the Word document will be fixed. Suppose Word DOCX file doesn’t get fixed with Open and Repair option, then it means the corruption could be more severe. You need a Word File Repair software to fix the file.

2) Using SFWare Repair Word Document tool

This Word File Repair application is built with strong algorithms that fix corrupt docx file which displays content error message. The tool scans and extracts data from the damaged Word DOCX file and saves it in a new healthy Word file, thus keeping the original file unaltered. The application repairs .docx / .doc files and also recovers text, hyperlinks, forms, OLE objects, clipart, and so on from the file. Thus it will safely repair DOCX file cannot be opened, and make it accessible again.

Steps to Fix DOCX File with Content Error:

  • Download and install SFWare Repair Word Document software on your system.
  • Run the tool. Select the DOCX file to be repaired and click on "Repair"
  • After the file is fixed, it can be viewed using "Preview" option
  • Save the repaired Word doc in a location of your choice

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