How to Fix Run Time Error 4605 in MS Word?

Updated on August 18, 2022

If you ever encountered the error 4605 While working on word document that is an indication of corruption on the file. All you must do is, fix the MS word corruption and repair the document. SFWare Word Document Repair is the most recommended and a convenient tool fix severe Word document issues in a jiffy, you can download for free and try.

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What is Runtime Error 4605?

Runtime error 4605 is an error encountered in MS Word due to corruption in the word document or if the document that you are referencing to is not able open due to changed file property.

What is Word Document Property?

Document property is known as the metadata which contains all the details about a file. This metadata is used by the operating system to describe and identify a file. It includes details such as title, author name, subject and keywords.

Symptoms of Runtime Errors

When trying to change the properties of the document, you might encounter any of these runtime error codes and below each code are the error messages you will encounter along with it.

Run-time error 4248:

This command is not available because no document is open.

Run-time error 4605:

Trying to do changes in the properties of a document using Microsoft VBA: Run-time error '4605': This method or property is not available because a document window is not active.

Due to corruption of word file: Run-time error '4605': The Unprotect method or property is not available because this command is not available for reading

When you are trying to paste excel sheet table in word file: Run-time error '4605': This method or property is not available because the current selection is at the end of a table row.

Run-time error 5941:

The requested member of the collection does not exist.

How to Repair Word Document showing Run Time Error 4605?

Method 1: Fix Runtime Error using Windows Repair Feature

Before heading to an automated method, try fixing the issues using an inbuilt MS Office feature. Although inbuilt tool is quick and easy, it only helps you fix minor issues on the document.

If your document is severely corrupt, all you need is an efficient and effective MS Word document repair tool.

MS Word Repair Tool to Fix Run Time Error

Be it any runtime error you had encountered, with the help of safe and trusted MS Word repair tool, you can repair your document and fix runtime error.

SFWare Word Document Repair tool is the most trusted and recommended MS repair tool. The tool easily fixes MS word issues such Run-time error. The tool works on read only mode therefore, the original file is unchanged, the integrity of the file is unaltered. This program can easily fix DOC and DOCX files created on any versions of MS Word including the latest 2019, 2016 and the older version.

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Also, the tool helps you fix corrupt Word document on memory cards, external hard drives, hard disk, USB drives, memory sticks and other devices. Not only Runtime error, other issues such as not enough memory, macro error, repair word files after the system crash, Word 2010 not responding or not opening error, file permission error, etc.

Repair MS Word Run-Time Error 4605 using SFWare Word Document Repir Tool

Download SFWare Word Document Repair Toolkit on your Windows computer where document resides. Launch and run the utility to start with repair process.

Save this repaired file to desired destination location on system drive. With the help of the tool, you can also fix issues such as MS word not stopped working or responding.

Tips to Avoid Word Document corruption or damage
  1. Never try changing the properties or preferences of your Word file if you are not completely aware or without having complete knowledge
  2. Always keep your drive safe and secure using a powerful antivirus software to avoid risk of the malicious viruses
  3. Also, always make sure you keep the backup of your important files and documents.
Bottom Line:

Runtime Errors are the most common errors encountered in MS documents. With the help of the above methods mentioned, you should be able to fix the error.