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MS Word is the most widely used applications in MS Office packages. Most of the documents, files are created on Word. You might have come across an error while opening the MS Word Document. Why Word don’t open? What to do when you can’t open MS Word. Follow the article to know answers for all your doubts and fix the problem using the best troubleshooting methods.

Microsoft Word is one of the most used application of Microsoft Office. Word is majorly used for documenting projects, typing notes, making agenda, etc.

Being such a simple and easy to use tool, you might never expect any error or malware within it. However, you may encounter an error after which you might be oblivious and ask yourself as to why Microsoft Word is not opening in Windows 10 or any other versions? Follow the workarounds to repair Microsoft Word files effectively.

Why Is Microsoft Word Not Opening in Windows 11/10?

Being such a useful tool, people always tend to make mistakes or some logical errors might take place which leads to such kind of masked errors.

  • Incompatible MS Word edition for Windows 10
  • An outdated version of MS Word
  • Suspicious add-ins added to your MS Word
  • Abrupt Shutdown of your system or Microsoft Word window

What to do if your MS Word is not working?

There are multiple resolutions if your Word doc is not opening and we have put the major workarounds in black and white and hope that these resolutions work out for you.

Method 1: Open MS Word in Safe Mode and Disable Add-ins


One way to fix Microsoft Word is not opening is to make use of safe mode option. Safe mode helps to open MS with only set of essential files and fixes any add-ins issues in the application.

  1. First of all, open the Run dialog box either from the search bar or using the Windows + R
  2. Enter winword /safe in the dialog box and click OK. This is a user-initiated safe mode.
    fix MS Word not opening
  3. Click the File menu at the top of your screen.
  4. Select Options from the left sidebar on your screen. It should be at the bottom of the list.
  5. On the following screen, click the Add-ins option in the left sidebar.
  6. Find the Manage dropdown menu on the right-hand side pane and click Go next to it.
  7. Untick all the add-ins on your screen and click OK.
  8. Launch Word in normal mode and verify if MS word opening

Method 2: Repair Microsoft Word File Using Task Manager

If your Microsoft Word is not opening in Windows 10, try using this method to quickly troubleshoot the error.
End Process Tree to Fix MS Word not opening

  • Open Task Manager by using the combination (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) or just click on your Taskbar and select Task Manager
  • In the “Details” tab, check if WINWORD.exe is open. If that is open, then your Windows OS think that the app is running efficiently so it does not prompt any error messages
  • Right-click on the running service i.e. WINWORD.exe and select End process tree and restart MS Word again.

This method works for petty issues to save you from a tight spot but cannot resolve major MS Word issues.

Method 3: Open Your Inaccessible Microsoft Word In Safe Mode

Periodically, you might install suspicious or non-trusted add-ins to your MS Word or your system might have faced a power surge or any other generic reason which mildly corrupts your documents and constrain your Microsoft Word from opening files.

However, that can be accessed using safe mode. Open your Microsoft Word files in safe mode by holding down the “Ctrl” button and then double-clicking on the application.

This method works only if there was an abrupt shutdown or any kind of interruption while using Microsoft Word.

Method 4: Repair Microsoft Word File using Repair Option

There is an in-built tool of Microsoft Office that can help you rectify clement errors of your MS Word application. Know how to execute it by following the steps given below.

  • Press Windows button on your computer and type Add or remove programs
  • Find For Office named program and select Advanced options
  • Click Repair and if your app is not working upright, this will fix it.

Above mentioned methods help you fix problem Microsoft Word not opening error if the corruption level is minimum. What if the files are severely corrupted? How to fix MS Word not opening error without losing data?

Here is an efficient and quick way to deal with all MS Word problems. With it’s built-in robust algorithm SFWare Repair Word Document Tool scans and fix your MS Word files effectively without modifying  the original .doc/.docx document. The tool is best known for its repair methodology which fixes your Word files in a jiffy.

Free Download for Windows

Download now to repair your Word files and preview them for free.

Even if you are a novice user or not that much of tech-savvy, SFWare makes it look very simple with its self-explanatory UI.

Fix Microsoft Word Not Opening in Windows Using SFWare?

Download, install and launch SFWare Word Document Repair Tool.

    • Click on Browse and select the inaccessible Word document
    • Click on Repair and the tool will start to repair Microsoft Word filemain screen of the tool to repair MS word file
    • Once the repair process is complete, you can open Microsoft Word which was not opening in Windows 10
    • Click on Click Here to Preview File button to evaluate the quality of the recovered Word file which was inaccessible.
      preview the repaired MS word file


Being such an easy to use tool where you won’t have any hurdles in the process of repairing the word file. However, if you are in a muddle at any point in time, just reach us by clicking on the “24/7 Contact Us” SFWare support center which is on the bottom left of this page.

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