SD Card won’t Mount

Updated on December 9, 2020

You are unable to mount your SD card. Every attempt to fix it went in vain. Rebooting the phone, ejecting the SD card, and then inserting it into the phone is of no help either. Connecting the memory card to laptop also doesn’t help as the card is not being read. Well, this is happening because the SD card cannot be recognized by the device.

Immediately, you might conclude that the SD card is damaged. But the problem could be with the hardware too. So check:

If all of these are working fine, then see if your card is initialized properly. If you encounter SD card not initialized error then, the SD card could be at fault. May be the card is corrupted. Whatever the reason, you would be worried about files stored in the SD card. Don’t worry, here are a few fixes you can try out.


Chkdsk F: /r (replace F with the drive letter of your SD card)

Fix 2: Disk Management Utility

Fix 3: Mount SD card

In all these fixes, although the issue may get fixed, but the files present in the SD card gets erased. This is because of formatting the card. If you haven’t backed up important files present in the card, then after format, you lose all the files. Don’t worry, you can still restore files from formatted SD card. With the help of SFWare Card Recovery software, you can get back files from the card with ease.

Recover SD Card Data after it Fails to Mount:

SFWare Card Recovery software comes with advanced scanning algorithms that scan the SD card thoroughly to get back erased files. After formatting SD card which fails to mount, you can restore data from it in few steps. The tool recovers data not only from unmountable SD card, but also helps to recover data from memory card showing invalid file system, from RAW, inaccessible, corrupted, or damaged SD card.

Steps to Retrieve Data from SD Card not Mounting:

Click on the link to know how to recover data from Sd card showing invalid file sytem error