How to Repair Broken/Missing AVI Index and Play AVI Video Files?

Updated on July 30, 2022

Have you encountered AVI file error index is missing or broken while playing your favourite video? When index is broken or missing from the files, the videos cannot be played. This must be fixed immediately to fix your important video files from losing permanently. In this article you will know the various methods to fix AVI index issue without any hassle.

About AVI Index:

The Audio Video Interleave is the popular video format that plays both audio and video files. This format is a standard video format developed for Windows systems.

This stores both Audio and video data as a single file using a variety of codec’s like DivX and XviD.

An Index in AVI file consists of protocols that are used to modulate the video playback along with the audio track.

If the index in AVI files goes missing, corrupted/broken due to any reasons, that would cost you your important video files. At first, know why does AVI files go missing or broken and indications that shows AVI index need to be repaired.

What Causes Damage in AVI Index?

AVI file index can get corrupted or broken due to many reasons such as repeatedly seeking AVI slider while playing an AVI video.

Media player malfunction, interruption during download or transferring leads to broken index in AVI.

Using an unreliable tool to edit the video or bad sectors on the hard drive where you have saved your AVI files damages the index.

Following are the indications of a corrupted AVI file:

Once the AVI index is corrupted files throw an exception and when you try opening the broken index or missing indexed AVI file that , an error message pops up. Also, the corruption on the files makes AVI videos on Mac unplayable.

How to Fix Broken or Corrupt ken AVI Index?

All you can do to fix broken or corrupt AVI headers files is to make your video play on any other media player. Initially, if you are playing videos other media player, set the default video player to Windows Media Player.( If you are using any other application) or you can make use of free VLC Player to fix the problem and play the video.

How to Repair a Damaged AVI index using VLC media Player?

VLC is not just capable of playing media files but also repairs damaged video files regardless of its format. Follow the steps to fix broken AVI index error.

VLC uses the reference of the codec’s present in its library to fix the issues with most of the video formats. But the main drawback of the VLC player is, it works on the original file and this affects the integrity of the AVI file. If the file gets severely damaged or corrupted VLC wouldn’t be able to fix the issues. So if you are thinking the permanent solution to fix the error and make your video play, here is the solution:

SFWare repair AVI file tool is the must use software to fix any issues related to AVI files. Be it broken index, severe corruption or unplayable video files, the tool fixes in minutes or less. Read only mode of the software makes it unique from other players and keeps the original file unaltered.

3 simple Steps to Fix Broken AVI Index:

Download SFWare Repair AVI File. Launch the application.

Select the corrupt video file

repair broken AVI index

Quick scanning and repairing mechanism takes place

select corrupt file to fix broken AVi index

Click "Preview" option to view the repaired files. if you are satisfied with the results, save your repaired files on your computer.

preview the repaird broekn index AVI file


we hope the above given methods solves the problem of damaged AVI index. if you were able to play the video files using any of the mentioned given above, do share your thoughts and share the article with others.