What is a .PSD file?

A .PSD or Photoshop document is a default file format used in Adobe Photoshop. PSD files generally are multi-layered image file where a user can work with any individual even after saving the file.

With wide application across the globe, PSD files are prone to get damaged or corrupted. As mentioned earlier PSD files are made up of multiple layers which should be handled carefully while working on. Loss of any of the essential layer can result in corruption of the PSD file. Hence there arises a need of a tool to repair PSD file.

Built with the robust scan engine, SFWare PSD repair is specially designed to repair PSD files with any error. The read-only  mode of the software ensures that no changes would be done to the original file while fixing the corrupt PSD file.

SFWare PSD Repair Tool to fix broken or corrupted PSD file:

Be it broken or a corrupt PSD file, SFWare PSD repair tool is the most recommended to fix PSD files. In addition to repairing photoshop files, the tool is specialised in fixing PDD files. PSD files that refuse to open due to header corruption can be easily fixed using SFWare PSD repair tool.

How does SFWare PSD repair tool work?

SFWare PSD file repair tool is designed to work in read-only mode thereby ensuring the safety of the damaged PSD file. The tool doesn’t makes any changes to the PSD file while fixing the Photoshop file. The advanced repair algorithm of the tool scans the corrupted or damaged PSD files and extracts data to generate a new healthy PSD file. Though a new healthy PSD file is generated, all properties of the original PSD file remains unaltered after repairing PSD file.

Why SFWare PSD Repair Tool?

SFWare Repair PSD File has the ability to fix large sized PSD and PDD files with limited clicks and time without altering the original image quality of Photoshop image files. You can have a preview over all the repaired photoshop files and can mark the required data before saving.

With 24/7 technical assistance, any queries you would encounter while repairing photoshop file will be quickly answered by SFWare's support team.

“SFWare Repair PSD File Wizard can fix all types of corruption or damages to a Photoshop file. The tool supports Photoshop repair along with the recovery of layers and its properties.”

Standout Features of SFWare PSD Repair Tool

How to Repair PSD file using SFWare PSD Repair Tool?

Download and Install SFWare PSD repair tool on your computer and follow the below mentioned steps:


Select PSD File using 'Browse' option
Click on 'Repair' option
PSD File Repairing in Process
Preview Repaired PSD File

SFWare PSD Repair Tool can easily fix the following PSD errors:


As mentioned earlier PSD files are prone to get corrupted easily, below mentioned are some of the most common scenarios that lead to corruption of PSD file:

System Requirements

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