How to A Repair Zip File Error "Cannot Open File: Not a valid Archive"?

Updated on August 09, 2022

The Zip file error Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive is usually encountered when you try extracting the files from Zip archive. If you have tried all the other methods and yet didn’t solve your problem, here is a best tool to fix all your Zip file problems. Download and try it for free now.

A Zip file format is an extension of a compressed data file that is widely used to store bulk information while transferring data. Therefore, the Zip format is generally used for downloading software from internet or transferring huge data via internet. The zipping of a software program makes it save space on the server while decreasing the time to download files. This also helps in organizing the hundreds or thousands of file information in a single Zip file.

Any error on Zip archive leads to data loss from the folder. An error Not a valid archive on Zip file makes your file inaccessible and cannot extract files from the folder.

What Causes the Zip File Error Cannot Open File: Not A Valid Archive?

You might have seen an error stating that “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive" or cannot find the central directory while trying to extract Zip file. Zip file shows errors when a part of the Zip archive gets corrupted. Here are a few reasons for Zip file corruption-

Irrespective of the causes, you will still be able to fix the error and recover lost data from the folder. If you are wondering how to fix not a valid archive error, here are some of the workarounds that helps you fix the Zip file’s Not A Valid Archive Error.

Resolve the Zip File Error: Not A Valid Archive

Fix #1: Use alternative unzipping tool to decompress Zip file

In case, you get the same error message even when you use other decompressing tools, then try out the next method.

Fix #2: Re-download the Zip File

In case, you are getting an error while extracting the downloaded Zip file, then re-download it. If it doesn’t solve the error, then go to next method.

If nothing works and you fail to extract Zip file, then use reliable and advanced Zip Repair tool like SFWare ZIP File Repair Software to fix your corrupted Zip archive.

Fix #3: Repairing Zip File showing Not Valid Archive Error using SFWare ZIP File Repair Software-

SFWare ZIP File Repair Software is designed with a simple graphical user interface which fixes and renders error-free Zip file in few minutes. It helps to fix corrupted ZIP files and ZIPX file. After completion of ZIP file repair, you can extract Zip archive easily without any error.

3 Simple Steps to Repair Corrupt Zip File Showing not a Valid Archive Error-

Step 1. Download, install and launch SFWare ZIP File Repair Software on your computer

Browse the ZIP file to repair

Step 2. Choose corrupted Zip file using Browse button

ZIP file Scanning process initiates

Step 3. Hit Repair button after selecting damaged Zip archive

Step 4. After completion of repair process, Save corrupted Zip file in any accessible location

Verify the ZIP file repaired

The tool also provides Preview option after completion of repair process, you can check the repaired file before saving.

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