SFWare Repair ZIP File

  • Look through all files and folders present on ZIP/ZIPX
  • Once repair is done, allows extracting selected files
  • No size limitation as it repairs ZIP/ZIPX file of 4GB+ size
  • Easily repair and unpack password enabled ZIP/ZIPX file


Just think of the way a folder behaves on your computer! You drop contents into a folder to keep your files, and then you can move that folder anywhere on your system, and the files present also go with it. In the same way, a ZIP file also works, except the files inside it are compressed to decrease storage use. But, due to its structure format and other issues, ZIP files are often been a victim of corruption that makes essential files inside a ZIP archive inaccessible. There are several reasons that can leave ZIP archive damage or corrupt. Some of those are:

  • Most of the times, internet is not as safe as we think; there are chances of virus attacks on the ZIP file stored on your PC while accessing or downloading any items from unauthorized sites
  • Because of its open source format, you may get a ZIP file with header issues or file system errors
  • Transfer errors and CRC errors are the most common reasons for ZIP file corruption
  • Sometimes, use of unreliable third party application to extract files from ZIP archive results in ZIP file damage
  • One of the drawbacks of ZIP archive is, it takes much time for multimedia compression. During this process if any interruptions say immediate system shutdown happens, there are possibilities of ZIP file corruption

Now let’s look at the solution for the above problems!

The only option that is left to do with corrupt or damaged ZIP archive is ‘repairing’. SFWare Repair ZIP File helps in fixing damaged/corrupt ZIP archive and then permits you to extract files from it. It is based on simple interface that provide a complete and clear instructions that are needed to repair ZIP files.


  • Fix ZIP or ZIPX files with severe corruption
  • Repairs damaged ZIP files stored on any storage devices like hard drives, USB drives etc.
  • ZIP files corrupted because of bad sectors on the storage where the ZIP archive is located can also be repaired
  • Large sized ZIP files can be fixed
  • Doesn’t modify the original content of the files in a ZIP archive
  • Once the fixing is done, provides preview of all the files and folders of a ZIP archive so that one can easily extract the required files
  • Recovered files can be stored on any accessible storage devices

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems :Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003
  • Hardware Specifications : Minimum Memory: 1 GB RAM Free Disk Space: 50 MB (for Installation) System Type: Both 32bit & 64bit

How to Extract Corrupt ZIP Files

  • Download SFWare ZIP File Repair Software
  • Install and Run the tool
  • Select the corrupt or damaged ZIP file using 'Browse' option
  • Now click on 'Repair' option to start repairing of corrupt Zip file
  • Once the fixing process is completed, you can check the repaired ZIP file

Select Corrupt ZIP File using 'Browse' option
Click on 'Repair' option
Scanning & Repairing Starts
Repaired ZIP File Contents

New Info is Here

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