How to Fix ZIP File Is Empty Problem on Windows?

Updated on July 30, 2022

When you try to open a ZIP file on Windows, a message stating ‘the compressed folder is empty’ pops up. As you know the Zip folder consists of files inside it, the situation of Zip folder being empty can be disappointing. However, this error will not let you unzip the compressed ZIP file putting your important files at stake. Nevertheless, this article guides you on how to fix the error and get your healthy files back in no time. If you are looking for an immediate solution, it is recommended to make use of SFWare Repair Zip File Tool.

Most of the users come across the problem compressed Zip folder is empty after unzipping it. If you are wondering what makes your compressed Zip folder is not empty but Windows shows it as empty, your answers are here-

Why downloaded Zip files show empty folders after unzipping?

There exist various reasons due to which a ZIP archive gets corrupt or damaged and being not empty Windows shows Zip folder as empty. The most common reasons for causing corruption or damage in ZIP folders are explained below.

Incomplete Downloaded ZIP File: Inappropriate proxy settings, network glitches etc. causes incomplete download of Zip files. Even though the browser doesn’t prompt you anything regarding partial or incomplete download of the ZIP file, comparing the size of the original ZIP (in the source) with the one you have downloaded perhaps clears this.

ZIP Archive Corruption: If you don’t receive any error message but still facing the problem, verify the ZIP file extension. If it is intact and file was not empty, it seems the archive is corrupted or affected by virus.

Virus: If your archive is infected by virus, running an antivirus would delete the infected files assuming that as a threat on the files. Although, the occurrence of this scenario is rare it cannot be completely violated. Therefore, to keep your Zip files safe, run anti-virus software based on the situation.

Be it virus, presence of bad sectors where ZIP files are saved, power failure or improper system termination, you can still have your Zip files back.

If reason behind empty compressed folder is corruption or virus that damaged your Zip file, the only way you could get back your important transferred zip files are by repairing. You need be very careful before repairing corrupt zip file, the tool you opt should be safe and secure to protect your important data.

Is It Possible to Fix Empty Folder Problem using WinZip on Command Prompt?

As command prompt helps in fixing most of the logical errors on the drive, you can try fixing the empty zip folder after unzipping the folder issue.

The effectiveness of the above-mentioned method depends on the level of corruption the Zip folder has. If your problem is not fixed yet, do not worry! you can still fix the error without any trouble using a reliable and trusted repair tool- SFWare Repair ZIP File Software.

SFWare Zip File Repair is the safest tool to repair your corrupt or damaged Zip file. The best feature of the software is, it works on the read only mode that helps to keep your original file intact and unchanged. The tool aids in extracting the file once repair is done. Download the tool now for free and keep your Zip file safe.

How to Fix Empty Zip File issue?

To fix empty Zip file issue and get back your zip file, Download and install SFWare Zip File Repair Tool on your computer and follow the instruction provided:

  1. Run the tool. From the main screen, select corrupt ZIP file using Browse option
  2. SFware ZIP Repair Tool-Main Screen
  3. Hit the Repair key to start repairing broken ZIP
  4. Software Scanning the Zip File
  5. After the completion of repair process, verify the repaired ZIP file using a Preview
  6. Summary of the Repaired Zip File
  7. Save the fixed ZIP file on any desired location on your computer

With the help of SFWare Zip File Repair, you can fix corrupted, damaged Zip files.

Why Choose SFWare to Fix Empty Zip Folder issue?