How to Fix Corrupt 7 Zip files?

Are you having trouble opening 7z files? Or are you receiving error messages when trying to open the file? Whatever is the scenario, no need to worry as SFWare Zip Repair software provides a simple solution to all your 7z corruption problems. Download the free version now to evaluate the tool now!

7z is a type of compressed file format similar to Zip and RAR formats with some minor differences. Like all other files and folders, 7z files can and do experience corruption issues at times. These issues can show in different ways like ‘CRC error’, ‘Invalid file error’ or in other cases, they may just plain refuse to open. There are a number of reasons for this to happen and are explained as follows.

Reasons for the corruption in 7z files

  • User errors
  • Error at the time of creating the compressed 7z file
  • Damage to the storage area where files are stored
  • Errors due to mismatch in file extensions
  • Errors due to invalid data introduced in the file during transfer/download

Now that we’ve seen the reasons for corruption in 7z files, let us look at how you can repair these files. SFWare Zip Repair tool is great way to achieve this. The software is designed to repair all kinds of corruption with 7z files like CRC errors, header inconsistencies or errors due to mismatched file extensions. No matter what type of files the 7Zip file contains, SFWare software supports repair and recovery of all these files such as photos, documents etc.

The advantage of using SFWare Zip Repair is that it works in read only mechanism so there is no chance of the software modifying the original file or contents. Secondly, the software can repair 7z files irrespective of its location; that is it can work with files stored on your systems, external hard drives, USB flash devices or other storage devices.

Procedure to repair 7z files using SFWare Zip Repair Tool

Repairing 7z is extremely simple using SFWare Zip repair tool. The process involves only 3 steps namely selecting the file, clicking on repair and finally saving the file. You can use the below guide as a reference.

Step 1. First download and install SFWare Zip Repair software on your computer

Step 2. Launch the downloaded software and click on Browse to select the corrupt 7z file

Step 3. Then click Repair to begin the repair process

Step 4. Wait for the software to complete the repair process and notify that the repair is complete

Step 5. Preview the repaired 7z file and save it to a desired location

Note: Preview of the repaired Zip file is available for free using the demo version.

What more does SFWare Zip Repair tool offer?

  • Supports repair of Zip and ZipX formats in addition to 7z files. Refer unzip encrypted zip files if you are having trouble with encrypted files
  • Works with password protected 7z files
  • Works with both 32 bit and 64 bit 7zip files
  • The software poses no file size limit, even files over 4 GB can be repaired easily
  • Works with all Windows versions including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, and Server 2003 & 2008

Pro tip

Suppose your 7z file is corrupt and you have obtained that file from a source that is again approachable, please get another copy of the file. Or in cases, when you have downloaded the 7z file and it is found to be corrupt, download it again. If the corruption issue is a minor download/transfer error, it can be resolved using these tips.

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