How to Fix Corrupt 7Zip Files?

Updated on August 18, 2022

Are you facing trouble opening 7z archive? If you are receiving any error messages while using Zip archive, here are a few measures described to fix any Zip file related problem. If you are running out of time, you can right away download the most reliable Zip File Repair tool to fix corrupt 7Zip files in just few seconds.

7z is a type of compressed file format similar to Zip and RAR formats with some minor differences. Alike all other files and folders, 7z files also experience corruption issues at times. These issues can show in different ways like ‘CRC error’, ‘Invalid file error’ or in other cases, they may just refuse to open.

What Causes Corruption in 7Z Archive?

Reasons for the corruption in 7z files

Now that we’ve seen the reasons for corruption in 7z files, let us look at how you can repair these files.

How to Fix Corrupt 7zip Archive?

Few basic measures to access corrupt 7Zip file-

If your 7z causing any trouble opening your Zip archive, as an alternate method you can try other apps to access corrupt 7Zip files. Apart from 7z, you can try WinZip, Zipware, WinRAR or PeaZip open source tools.

If the corruption is due to improper download or transfer of Zip files, redownload the 7z file from the source.

If using other tools or redownloading didn’t help you access your 7Z files, this might be due to severe corruption in the Zip files. in such cases, all you need is a Zip file repair tool to fix corruption on Zip archive.

SFWare Zip Repair tool is designed to repair all kinds of corruption with 7z files like CRC errors, header inconsistencies or errors due to mismatched file extensions. The advantage of using SFWare Zip Repair is that it works in read only mechanism therefore original data is not modified during repair process.

Fix Corrupt Zip Archive Using 7z Repair Tool

Repairing 7z is extremely simple using SFWare Zip repair tool. The process involves only 3 steps namely selecting the file, clicking on repair and finally saving the file. You can use the below guide as a reference.

First download and install SFWare Zip Repair software on your computer. Launch the downloaded software and click on Browse to select the corrupt 7z file

Step 1: Then click Repair to begin the repair process

Browse the ZIP file to repair

Step 2: Wait for the software to complete the repair process and notify that the repair is complete

ZIP file Scanning process initiates

Step 3: Preview the repaired 7z file and save it to a desired location

Verify the ZIP file repaired

Note: Preview of the repaired Zip file is available for free using the demo version.

Also, the software can repair 7z files irrespective of its location; that is it can work with files stored on your systems, external hard drives, USB flash devices or other storage devices. No matter what type of files the 7Zip file contains, the software helps in rebuilding the ZIP file and recovery of all these files such as photos, documents etc.

What more does SFWare Zip Repair tool offer?