Extracting a Password Protected Zip File

Often we prefer using Zip format to compress large number of files to make single file. One of the advantage of using Zip file is that it prevents data leakage, you can also set a relatively safe password to encrypt Zip file in Windows PC to restrict other users. Once you set the password, the Zip file will be locked. No one can unlock password protected Zip file without that specific password which you had set to lock Zip file.

Whether it may be a password protected Zip or any other Zip file, sometimes your ZIP file might get corrupt and its data remains inaccessible. But, no need to worry because you can eliminate corruption and extract contents of password protected ZIP archive using suitable ZIP repair software. To know more,continue reading the article.

How can a password protected Zip file get corrupt?

  • Header corruption due to malware or virus infection on ZIP file
  • Improper or incomplete download of WinZip archive
  • Missing parity bit, CRC errors, etc can affect ZIP file structure
  • Changing ZIP file extension and using unreliable utility to compress or create a ZIP archive
  • Improper system termination while Zipping file in use
  • ZIP files also get corrupt if it is stored on storage drives having bad sectors
  • Power failure while transferring ZIP files from one storage device to another etc

How to unzip password protected Zip file?

Whatever may be the reason for your password assigned ZIP file corruption, it can be fixed using reliable Zip repair utility - SFWare Repair Zip File . This Zip Repair tool would be the right choice for you in such situations to solve all errors related to ZIP and ZIPX archives. It can easily extract contents of an invalid or corrupted compressed zipped folder that refuse to open in any extractor tool on Windows. The software rigorously scans your broken password protected ZIP archive and extracts each and every file from it. Moreover, the tool repairs ZIP file of both 32 and 64 bit types on Windows (10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008) operating systems. It uses advanced and unique search algorithm that enables you in unzipping password protected ZIP files with utmost ease.

Further, SFWare Repair Zip File Software helps you to extract password protected Zip file if it is corrupted due to usage of unsecure third party application to Zip/unzip files present in it, presence of bad sectors on hard drive that contains password protected ZIP files, interruption while downloading password protected ZIP file, etc. SFWare program provides you with an option to divide compressed files into separate independent files and makes easy to store.

Features of SFWare Repair Zip File Utility

  • SFWare easily fixes 7ZIP archived files
  • Repairs password protected ZIP files created by using various versions of WinZip archiver such as WinZip 4.00, WinZip 3.90, WinZip 3.80, WinZip 3.70, WinZip 3.50, WinZip 2.90 and WinZip 2.00
  • SFWare helps to repair large sized password protected ZIP file with ease
  • Helps to repair and access damage Zip archive in few clicks
  • Can easily install this SFWare program on all the latest Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003
  • After fixing password protected Zip file, you cn preview a list of repaired zipped file contents

Steps to extract password protected Zip file

Download SFWare Repair Zip File Tool, install the application to a healthy Windows desktop / laptop and follow these instructions:

  • Open the application to follow the main screen procedures
  • Use “Browse” button to choose your password protected ZIP file which you want to repair
  • Start the repair process by clicking on “Repair" button
  • The program scans and starts fixing your password protected ZIP archive
  • Monitor the repair process by looking at the progress bar
  • After completion of ZIP repair process, the tool displays all files and folders from repaired Zip file
  • Lastly, save your repaired Zip file to desired location by clicking on “Save” button

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