How to Fix Damaged/ Corrupted Zip Files?

Updated on March 31, 2022

Compressing File into Zip is one of the most used easy formats to transfer large files over the internet. What if the Zip file you downloaded is corrupted or damaged and you cannot access the files present on it? Do not worry! Here is the most trusted and safe tool to fix corruption on Zip archive that also helps recovering your data. Download now and try it for free.

About Zip Archive:

Zip file is one of the most prominent archive formats which is widely used by most users to transfer large size files. Zip files are the data containers where many files are compressed to save the storage space. Once you download Zip file, you must extract its content to use it according to your need.

If you are a Windows user, you can easily create Zip archive by right clicking on the file or folder and select Send to-> compressed (zipped) folder. Same procedure works for Mac OS.

There won’t be any issues when you compress the folder. The issues exist when you are prepared to extract the files from Zip archive. You might even encounter Archive is Corrupt error message trying to extract the files.

What causes Zip Archive Corruption?

Tools that are used to compress the file/folder should be reliable and authenticated. The chances of damage to the file is more if any unreliable tool is used to uncompressed the file. Downloading ZIP folder from unreliable sites, sometimes the ZIP files shows empty, if downloaded from the wrong source

File read/write system errors, broken header or corruption in file header is one of the reasons why you cannot access your file. As the header carries all the necessary information about the file. Any interruptions caused while downloading or moving Zip files from drive to other might cause damage to the file. At times you may even encounter an error ZIP file not able to find central directory, making your compressed file in accessible.

How to Fix Zip Files for Free?

Fix Zip File Corruption using WinRAR

You can make use of WinRAR Repair to fix Corrupt Zip Files for free. Follow the steps given below:

The Repair process will initiate. Click Done when it’s accomplished.

Fix Zip Corruption using WinZip Command Prompt

This is mainly beneficial for someone who is looking for fixing errors all by themselves. Make sure you go through the following steps before using the command Prompt process:

Although this is a manual, free method, this comes with a limitation. This process holds good only for minor damage in the file. If the folder/file is severely corrupted, you might end up losing your files. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep a backup of your file before heading to any of the repairing process.

Professional Method to Repair Damaged ZIP Archive

There may be other reasons that could cause damage to the Zip Archive. Be it any reasons, all you need to know is, corruption on Zip archive could be fixed easily with the help of an efficient, trusted ZIP File Repair Tool.

SFWare ZIP File Repairing Software helps you in rebuilding Zip file that is damaged or corrupted due to several reasons. The tool easily repairs damaged Zip file by extracting file contents with utmost ease. SFWare Software has inbuilt extraction feature that allows you in rebuilding Zip file and restore data in few minutes. It carries Zip file repair process at effective performance speed.

Steps to Repair Corrupt/Damaged Zip Archive using SFWare

Download SFWare ZIP File Repair Software. Install and Launch the tool.

Once the fixing process is completed, repaired file content displays on the screen. you can check the repaired ZIP file and save them on your drive.

With the help of one Zip Repair tool, you can fix multiple issues related to Zip Archive.

  1. A CRC error stating that some data in your zip file is damaged
  2. Fixes corrupt 7Zip files that are unable to access the data due to broken header or header file corruption
  3. WinZip cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive
  4. The error This archive is not a valid zip archive
  5. The tool also helps you fix encrypted or password protected file
  6. Repairs Zip Files stored on any storage device, including internal drives, external drives, USBs, SD cards, Etc.