Repairing a Damaged ZIP File

Zip file is one of the most renowned archive format which is widely used by many people across the globe. Similar to other archives, Zip files are data containers. It stores more than one file in compressed form. Once you download Zip file, you have to unpack its content to use it according to your need. If you are a Windows user, you can easily create Zip archive by right clicking on the file and select “Send to-> compressed (zipped)" folder. You have to follow same method in Mac OS X. Many of you may not have only downloaded file but might prefer to keep all your work related items in Zip archive so that they can save drive space.

Issues with Zip archive

With the advantages of flexibility of compressing large and multiple files in a single archive file, sometimes this techniques turns into a cruse for many users. Most of the times Zip files can be subjected to be affected by deadly viruses. Even if there is any interruptions while moving Zip files from drive to other, archive gets corrupted before your eye blink.

Let us consider one lifetime scenario - like you end up with loss of all data like pictures, videos, doc files, songs, presentation files, spread sheets, etc. compressed in Zipped archive folder. You make an attempt for number of times to extract your files from Zip Archive but failed to access. Instead you get an error message like “archive is corrupt”. Now you are in question on how to rebuild corrupt Zip file.

This type of issue is quiet familiar in these days. Broken Zip archives can be quiet annoying. Really it doesn’t matter how your Zip archive is damaged. Still the possibilities are good and you can extract data from Zip archive using reliable Zip repair software.

How to rebuild Zip archive?

SFWare ZIP File Repairing Software helps you in rebuilding Zip file that is damaged or corrupted due to several causes. This application will repair damaged Zip file by extracting file contents with utmost ease. SFWare Software has inbuilt extraction features that allows you to rebuilding Zip file and restore data in few minutes. It carries Zip file repair process at a revving speed and then establishes its high accuracy to repair damaged ZIP file.

Get SFWare Repair Zip File Program for Free!

Yes, SFWare Software also offers the demo version of ZIP File Repair Utility which is freely downloadable. Just download it on your PC, unpack and install onto your computer. If you wish to make the program better and more powerful then the responsive support team will be always very glad to hear from you. You can preview rebuildable Zip file using free demo versions. For saving repaired Zip file at your desired location, you have to buy its full licensed version which has reasonable price.

Factors responsible for damaged Zip archive:

SFWare Repair Zip File Utility rebuilds such damaged Zip archive caused due to above mentioned reasons or others in few minutes. Let us know what are the additional functionalities of SFWare Repair Zip File Wizard: