How to Repair a Corrupt PST File with Effective Methods?

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If your Outlook PST file is corrupted, or damaged in any way, It will ruin your Outlook experience by rendering important contacts inaccessible, being unable to download or open emails, or crashing midway. This article helps users understand the causes and provides proven solutions to repair PST files along with other necessary information to prevent it from ever happening again!

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A strong majority of Outlook PST files are home to critical data that is essential for day-to-day operations at the office. Without these files, which contain important data like reminders, email chains, calendars, and contacts, a company would be in a serious mess.

If your PST file seems unresponsive, freezes, or hangs, then it may be damaged or corrupted.
There are several ways to make the situation worse. However, with the right methods, we can repair your Outlook PST file and restore all its data.

How do I know if my PST File is Corrupted?

1. Read the error message description
You can look up the error number/ name on the internet to learn about its effects, causes, and more.

2. Use the PST file on another computer
If a PST does not work on any system, the problem lies with the file and it may be corrupted.

3. Use ScanPST
You can use ScanPST to scan your PST file for any signs of corruption or damage.

If you believe that your PST file needs to be repaired, you can try out the DIY methods given in the section below-

How to fix a corrupted PST file?

1. ScanPST

ScanPST is a free tool that comes with Outlook and should be easy to locate on your Windows Laptop. You can use ScanPST to scan and repair corrupted PST files easily. Before you proceed to follow the steps, there are a few things that you would want to consider.

Precautions / Pointers to keep in mind

  1. Create a Backup of your PST file beforehand.
  2. Ensure that the Outlook application is closed.
  3. Disable your computer’s AntiVirus software.
  4. Update Windows, Microsoft Office, and Outlook before you begin.

How do you fix PST files using ScanPST?

Step 1: Locate and Open Scanpst. (you can refer to the table below.) you can make use of the search bar to locate ScanPST on your PC. If the at does not work you can refer to the file location below.

If you have the 32-bit version of Outlook: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
If you have the 64-bit version of Outlook: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16


Step 2:
Using the Browse Option, Import the corrupted PST file. Then click on Start to begin the scanning process.



Step 3:
After the Scanning process, the ScanPST will inform you if there are any issues with your PST file.

Step 4: Tick the box to create a backup of your PST file, select a save location, and click on Repair.



Step 5: Verify the results after the repair is complete.



2. SFWare PST Repair Tool

SFWare PST Repair Tool is a powerful software that is designed to repair Outlook issues by fixing PST files with extreme levels of corruption that cannot be fixed by ScanPST. Its effective algorithm and user-friendly interface make repairing your PST file a smooth process.

Before you use the SFWare PST Repair Tool make sure to implement the following-

  1. You should be logged in as an Administrator or have admin rights to run the software.
  2. Ensure that the Outlook application is closed.
  3. Disable your computer’s AntiVirus software.
  4. Update Windows, Microsoft Office, and Outlook before you begin.
  5. Once the file is repaired, you need to buy the full version to save the repaired file.

How do you fix PST files using the SFWare PST Repair Tool?

Step 1: Download, Install, and open the SFWare PST Repair Tool.
Free Download for Windows

Step 2: Select a PST file import method.

  • Open PST file: Imports default Outlook PST file.
  • Find the PST file: Manually Browse and select a PST file.
  • Select Outlook profile: 
  • The software scans the entire drive and lists all the Outlook data files from which you can choose.


Step 3: Select Normal scan, choose a destination path for the repaired PST file, and click on Repair.

Step 4: View the results summary, and save the file if satisfied.



Thank you for your time. When faced with a technical error, I urge my readers to always read about the situation they are in and pursue it with caution. More often than not, a user makes things worse by trying to tamper or solve the issue on their own which in turn makes things worse.

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