Guaranteed Solutions To Repair Any Video File(s) From Any Storage Device or Computer System

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Video files are our digital memories. Cherished vacation videos, funny family bloopers, first steps, or the baby’s first words that brought happy tears to our eyes, wedding highlights, or action-packed videos of our most adventurous trips.  For others, these are just videos or a few pixels on the screen. But for some of us, these files are moments frozen in time; they are emotions and feelings. They are love and laughter, pleasure and joy, pride and excitement, serenity and surprise, admiration and affection, amazement and bliss. They are irreplaceable treasures.

Unfortunately, sometimes, these video files might get corrupted. It becomes blurry, pixelated, at times unplayable. Video corruption is the ultimate killer of your digital memories. It can strike deep fears in the hearts and minds of professional videographers and amateur capturers.

Fortunately, thanks to the technological advancement in the last few decades. We have solutions to practically every problem, including tools to uncorrupt video files.

This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions to reclaim your lost memories.  I can assure you if you stick to the end of the article and follow the steps mentioned in this article carefully. You can fix corrupt video files of any format, any file size, that are saved in any location. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s start fixing your video files.

Table of contents
How To Repair Corrupted Video Files?

  1. SFWare Video Repair Software
  2. Convert the Corrupt Video File to Another File Format Using the VLC Media Player
  3. Fix Corrupt Videos Using VLC Media Player
  4. Open-Source Video Repair Tools

All Possible Reasons Why Your Video Files Get Corrupt
Tips to avoid video corruption

How To Repair Corrupted Video Files?

Any corrupted video can be easily fixed using a reliable video repair tool. Media players like VLC can also help users repair corrupt video files; these days, we also have some free, open-source tools that claim to be effective and capable of restoring corrupted video files. This section talks about all those solutions. 

Solution 1: SFWare Video Repair Software

Starting the list with a straightforward solution. Cutting-edge tools like SFWare Video Repair Software are carefully designed with a clean and uncluttered interface, built with advanced repair mechanisms capable of repairing even the most severely corrupt and extremely damaged video files of any file format, including DJI video files, shot on any device, and saved on any internal or external drive with just a few simple clicks.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Steps To Fix Corrupt Video Files Using the SFWare Video Repair Software

Step 1: Download and set up the tool on your Windows or Mac system.

Step 2: Launch the tool from the main screen. Click on the Add File button to select the corrupted video file.

add the corrupt video file that you want to repair

Step 3: If the header of the video file is corrupted or not found, the tool will ask you to provide a reference file taken on the same camera.

add the reference video files that is shot on the same camera

Step 4: The tool will start the corrupt video repair process.

the tool starts repairing the corrupted video file

Step 5: Upon completion of the repair, the tool will display the repaired video on your screen. Use the Preview option to have a quick look at the repaired file.

preview the repaired video file and save it on any location of your choice

Step 6: Click the Save button and select the location to save the repaired video.

Solution 2: Convert the Corrupt Video File to Another File Format Using the VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player lets you convert the unplayable or damaged video file into another format. 

Converting repairs the corrupt header, indexes, codes, and other structural errors, leading to a playable video. 

1:  Launch the VLC Media Player, and from the main screen, click on the Media option in the top menu bar.

convert the unplayable video files to repair corrupt videos

2:  Select the Convert/Save option, and locate and add the corrupted video file you want to repair.

3:  Choose a new output format and click the Start button.

Do note conversion might not be a guaranteed solution for all levels of corruption. The success rate of the solution depends on the extent of the damage and compatibility of new codecs. The next solution talks about fixing the corrupt or unplayable video file using the VLC Media Player. 

Solution 3: Fix Corrupt Videos Using VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is an open-source media player with a built-in code system that helps you repair basic corruption in any video file format. In addition, the VLC media player contains a unique codec library compatible with all video file formats. Therefore, the VLC media player can work with any file format compatible with its codec and repair damaged or corrupted video files without any hassle.

Important Note: Ensure you always use a copy of the original video for repair. Avoid working on original video files to evade further corruption during the process.

Steps to repair videos using a VLC media player

First, take a copy of your videos (be it any file format other than AVI) convert into AVI or change the file extension to .AVI.

1: Download the VLC media player on your computer. Open the video file in VLC Media Player.

2: Go to Tools > Select Preference > Input & Codecs from the top menu.

Repair corrupt videos using the VLC media player

3: Select Always Fix from the drop-down next to the Repair AVI file.

4: Click on Save. Now check at the saved location if the video is playing without any problem.

If your files are severely corrupt, a professional video repair tool might be the best option.

Solution 4: Open-Source Video Repair Tools

The last solution in this list Is to use free, open-source tools. Most of these tools are created and developed by passionate engineers and developers who want to make technology free and accessible to anyone and everyone at all levels.

However, these tools often come with a fair share of drawbacks, including the non-availability of tech support; the success rate of these tools has not been very encouraging, and the reliability and authenticity of these tools are also questionable. 

Suppose you have decided to give open-source video repair tools still a shot. I recommend you try Handbrake, Avidemux, FFmpeg, or MKVTool. These are some of the best free and open-source tools available.

It’s always good to know the reasons that triggered the problem. Being aware of the causes might help you take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of your video files in the future. You can keep reading the next section to discover all possible causes that might corrupt your digital memories, aka video files. 

All Possible Reasons Why Your Video Files Get Corrupt

The reasons can be classified into Software, Hardware, and Human errors.

Software issues can range from File System corruption to issues or glitches with the software application, media player, or operating system. Virus or malware infection attacks, Improper or incomplete compression or decompression of the files, and lastly, using incompatible software or media players can also be the reason behind unplayable videos.

Hardware issues such as hardware failure, physical damages, sudden power cuts or power surges, overheating of the devices and their internal components, and storage device errors can be one of the reasons why the video files and other files saved on any internal or external storage devices might get corrupt, broken, or damaged.

Human Errors, such as saving a video file with the same attributes and file name onto an existing file, ignoring error messages and warnings, and overusing the storage device beyond its limits, are some of the most common mistakes humans usually make that might result in video files becoming corrupt, ultimately making them unplayable.

However, you can try the tips and tricks mentioned in the following section to ensure your videos are safe, sound, healthy, and playable.

Tips To Ensure the Safety of Your Video Files

Using these tips, you can ensure that your video files are safe from getting corrupted, and other data and files can also be prevented from getting corrupted or permanently deleted.

  1. Take regular backups. The general rule of thumb is 3-2-1 backups—3 copies of backups, 2 different storage devices, and 1 off-site location or cloud.
  2. Always use reliable, authentic, high-quality storage devices like Hard Drive, SD Cards, Memory Card, and USB drives. Quality storage devices usually last longer and offer better protection against physical damage.
  3. Protect your external storage devices from extreme weather and climatic conditions. Cooler or warmer environments and too humid or moist climates might damage the device and corrupt your data. Always keep your storage devices in well-ventilated places.
  4. Regularly update your software applications, device drivers, video or audio Codecs, firmware, and Operating system.
  5. Use Anti-virus software regularly to ensure your device is not affected by malware or viruses
  6. Always connect or eject your external storage devices properly. Abruptly removal or improper connection might result in data loss.

In case you are facing problems ejecting a USB drive that can also be solved.

As the famous Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus said, “Prevention is better than cure.” By practicing and implementing these safety measures and good file management habits, you can greatly decrease the risk of video file corruption and ensure your files remain safe and healthy for a long time.

Note: If you are a Mac user, then I recommend you try the solutions mentioned in this article to repair corrupt video files on Mac.


Our most cherished video memories are always close to our hearts. These files might sometimes get corrupted, damaged, broken, or unplayable. The issue of file corruption is extremely common. However, it is not unbeatable or unfixable. This article helps you understand the main reasons why your videos become unplayable. It also provides the right tools and smart practices to help you fix corrupted video files for free. These corrupt video fixer solutions are guaranteed to work to fix no matter how big or small the size of your video files is, what format, and the location or device they are saved in. 

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