Fix Microsoft Outlook error 0x80040154

Several Outlook users have encountered 0x80040154 error while working on Outlook. The error is often seen while you try to download or receive emails in Outlook on Windows PC.

Let us go further in understanding more about the causes, scenarios and solutions to fix Outlook error 0x80040154.

Most certainly 0x80040154 error is seen because of the improper Outlook configuration, a problem with Add-ins or external program. However, in most of the cases, the error is due to unregistered DLL files or some registry corruption issues.

Instances of Outlook error 0x80040154-

The below-mentioned are some of the instances where you could experience the unknown Outlook error 0x80040154. Here are three instances that were reported by Outlook users in various forums.

“Hi, I was checking on my Outlook mails and wanted to download a few of them and was unable to receive the new emails. I suddenly encountered a 0x80040154 error code coming up when trying to download an email.” 

“Hi,  I recently upgraded my MS Office from 2010 to 2016. Everything was working fine in the beginning. However, after some days Outlook started reporting an error 0x80040154 while sending/receiving emails.”

“Hi, I just installed Office 2010 but Outlook is reporting an Unknown error code 0x80040154 when receiving an email.  I was able to send emails though. I googled for the solution, as per one fixing method I reinstalled the application but nothing worked. Can somebody help me to fix the Outlook error 0x80040154?”

DIY methods to fix Outlook error 0x80040154 

Based on the scenarios 0x80040154 occurred and the respective fixing methods are mentioned below-

Most of the Outlook issues get resolved by restarting the application. If the problem still exists go through the other methods explained below.

Method 1: Outlook configuration

If your Outlook is not appropriately configured, you may encounter Outlook error 0x80040154.

To fix the problems related to Outlook configuration, you can make use of the Microsoft in-built application, Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant also called SaRA, uses advanced diagnostics to report known problems and details about your Microsoft Outlook configuration.

To use SaRA, You need to install Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant going to Microsoft webpage -> support -> type Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant -> Download.

How to scan an Outlook configuration with SaRA?

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant can resolve most of the issues related to many Outlook programs. Follow the below-mentioned steps and scan your Outlook configuration.

  1. Open the support application, select Advanced diagnostics and then select Next.
  2. Select Outlook and then click on Next
  3. When you are asked to confirm that you are using the affected machine, select Yes, and then click on Next button.
  4. Enter your account credentials in the Let’s get started fixing your problem window and click on Next.
  5. The scan automatically begins after your account is validated in Office 365

Note: If you encounter an error message “This solution isn’t supported for your office environment” SaRA cannot validate your credentials. In such cases, click on “Back” and use the following sample credentials to use a non-Office 365 account.

  • Email address:
  • Password: <any password that you want to use>

Any non-Office 365 account will not be authenticated through the Office 365 service. In this case, SaRA gives you an option to continue. Select the Next button to continue.

  1. After the completion of the scanning process, you see We’re done collecting your Outlook configuration details.
  2. You are provided a list of configuration issues that are detected during the scan. 
  3. Select the issue and you will have the online solution to help you to get out of the trouble.

Method 2: Problems with Add-ins or other programs

Most of the time Add-ins or the third party programs conflict with Outlook functionality resulting in Outlook errors including 0x80040154.

Starting Outlook in Safe Mode allows you to safely use the application without any problem. If you are unable to open Outlook in Safe Mode try disabling the add-ins and the anti-virus software installed. 

You can go through the most common Outlook errors and solution section for more detailed steps to fix the 0x80040154 error. 

Method 3: Unregistered DLL files

Unregistering DLL files or deleting the inetcomm.dll file may cause Outlook to malfunction and prompts an error 0X80040154 while attempting to receive emails.

inetcomm.dll is a dynamic-link library that contains functions used by the internet messaging application interface. If any of the files present in the library gets damaged or corrupted,  inetcomm.dll won’t work. To fix the issues, follow the below-shown steps:

  1. First, go to the Start button and type Run or click Windows + R keys together to open Run window.
  2. Next, type regsvr32 inetcomm.dll, click Enter button and restart your computer.
  3. Start the Outlook and see if the problem still persists. 

If the error ceases to pop after performing the above-mentioned solution, you can stop here as the problem was due to an unregistered inetcomm.dll file. If the problem still persists, try repairing the Outlook and reinstalling the Microsoft office. 

Method 4: Repair and Reinstall the Microsoft Office

If none of the above fixing methods help you to fix Outlook error 0x80040154, try repairing and reinstalling the Microsoft Office and Outlook. 

To repair Outlook you can make use of the built-in  Microsoft inbox repair tool. The Inbox Repair tool or Scanpst.exe is designed to help repair problems that are associated with personal folder (. pst) files.

To repair the Microsoft office Click on the Start button, go to Apps & Features, select the Microsoft Office products you want to repair and click on Modify. 

This will help you repair the entire MS Office suite. Now, open Outlook to check if the issue is resolved or not. If this method doesn’t help in fixing the error 0x80040154, try uninstalling and reinstalling Office.

However, the corruption in DLL registry files may sometimes lead to the corruption of the Outlook PST file. In such instances, it is always recommended to use a PST repair tool to repair the Outlook and fix corruption in the PST file.

SFWare PST repair tool is the most recommended and trusted Outlook repair tool designed to repair damaged, corrupted files. It also helps in recovering important Outlook data items like emails, contacts, notes, etc. The tool works only in read-only mode, hence it doesn’t harm your PST file in the process of generating a new healthy PST file.

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Most of the Outlook users have encountered the unknown error 0x80040154 while downloading or receiving the emails. The article speaks about the easy DIY fixing methods used to repair the Outlook error 0x80040154. It is always recommended to take Outlook backup inorder to keep your data safe from inevitable data loss situations.

 If any other methods worked out for you in fixing the error 0x80040154, please share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.

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