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How much focus are you putting in to find that important work mail amidst spams and other unwanted mails cluttered in your Outlook inbox? If you are one of those Outlook users worried about your priority mails put down by never ending newsletters and other spams, this article is for you.

Outlook Focused Inbox

Outlook has a unique feature called Focused Inbox built with an advanced machine learning technique. Focused Inbox analyses your Outlook to understand your priorities and customizes your Outlook inbox based on your interests

Doesn’t it sound cool? Now you need not worry about finding that lost Outlook emails down under numerous unwanted mails.

Outlook Focused Inbox by default analyzes the incoming mails using machine learning techniques and places the most important emails in the “Focused” tab for quick access and rest of the mails in the “Other” tab.

Things to know

Focused inbox in outlook – Process of Analyzing
How to use Outlook Focus Inbox?
Enable/Disable Focused Inbox for Windows
Enable/Disable Focused Inbox for Mac
How to Turn off/Turn on Focused Inbox Outlook on the web
Focused Inbox in other mail apps- Outlook.com, Hotmail.com (Mail apps)

How does the Focused Inbox analyze the priority of the mail?

There are many factors determine the organizing of messages to display in the Outlook Focused Inbox. Few of the major factors that organize messages are:

  • With the help of machine learning techniques: For example, if you move an email from a newsletter to Focused Inbox, future messages from the same newsletter appear in the Focused Inbox automatically.
  • People you have emailed in the past: If you send numerous messages to a client, messages from their email address automatically appear in the Focused Inbox.
  • Using Outlook Contacts: If you add an email address to your address book, emails from these contacts appear in the Focused Inbox.

This can be accomplished by enabling the Focused Inbox feature. You can even disable the Outlook Focused Inbox tab whenever it is not required. 

Note: It is only available for Microsoft exchange accounts including Outlook.com.

How Outlook Focused Inbox Works?

Focused Inbox does not control your mails, but rather works with you to prioritize what is important to you. What mails are saved in your Focused Inbox is determined by an understanding of the people you interact with often. You will get to know more how Focused Inbox works in later section of the article.

How To Enable And Disable The Outlook Focused Inbox?

Now, let us see how to enable and disable the Focused Inbox in different forms.

Focused Inbox for Windows

The instructions mentioned in the article is for Office 365, Outlook.com, Outlook versions 2013 and above including Outlook 2021.

How to Turn Focused Inbox On in Windows?

  1. In Outlook, select the View tab.
  2. Select Show Focused Inbox.
  3. Go to Inbox, select the Focused or Other tab. Right-click the message you want to move
  4. If you’re moving from Focused to Other, you have two options. One is Move to Other (if you want only the selected message moved). Another is Always Move to Other (if you want all future messages from the sender to be delivered to the Other tab) and Vice-versa to move mails from Others to Focused.

Turn off the Focused Inbox in Windows

To disable the feature, all you need to do is,

1. Repeat till the 2 steps on the above section.

2. Once you click on the Show Focused Inbox,

3. The Focused and Other tabs will disappear from the top of your mailbox.

Focused Inbox Outlook on Mac

Focused Inbox is only available for Office 365 Business Emails on Mac computers

How to Enable the Focus Inbox on Mac?

  1. Open Outlook version for Mac.
  2. On the Organize tab, select Focused inbox.
  3.  You can get the email organized by repeating the steps from 3 to 5 as in the procedure of Windows

How to Disable the Focused Inbox on Mac

  1. On the Organize tab
  2. select Focused inbox.
  3. By selecting the same option again, the Focused and Other tabs will disappear from the top of your mailbox.

Focused Inbox on Outlook Web

Follow the below-given instruction to enable or disable Focused Inbox in your account.

How to turn on the Focused Inbox on Outlook Web?

  1. Open Outlook web.
  2. Sign-in with your Microsoft account.
  3. Click the Settings (gear) button in the top-right corner.
  4. Turn on the Focused Inbox toggle switch.

After completing the steps, the Inbox will sort incoming messages in the “Focused” or “Other” tab depending on their importance.

Disable the Focused Inbox on Outlook Web

To turn off the feature,

  1. Select Settings > Display settings > Focused Inbox.
  2. Under When email is received, select Don’t sort messages. And it gets disabled.

Focused Inbox in Outlook.com

Follow the below-mentioned procedures to enable and disable the Focused Inbox on the Mailing app. You can also follow the same procedure for Hotmail.com too.

How to turn on Focused Inbox in Outlook.com?

  1. Open Outlook.com or Hotmail.com.
  2. Select Settings, then turn on Focused Inbox.
  3. At the top of your mailbox, in the email messages list, you can select between Focused and Other
  4. You can get the email organized by repeating the steps from 3 to 5 as in the procedure of Windows

Disable the Focused Inbox in Outlook.com

To disable the feature,

  1. Go to Outlook.com
  2. At the top of the page you can select the Settings option.
  3. Go to Quick Settings, move the Focused Inbox toggle to off.


With the help of machine learning techniques, Outlook controls the overflow of the emails in the mailbox. Outlook Focused Inbox helps you maintain your mails in an organized way. In case you find the less important emails, you can allocate them in the Outlook other folders.

If the article has helped you to organize your Outlook emails with Focused Inbox, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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