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Formatting of the storage device is like a blank canvas for an artist; it prepares your storage device (USB drive, hard drive, or SSD) for saving new data. Simply put, formatting lays the groundwork for an efficient and organized storage system. It also facilitates better organization, management, and accessibility of the data and better compatibility between the storage device and the operating system. It facilitates flawless data transfer, boosting performance by eliminating fragmentation and improving the read/write speeds and access times. Fixing Corruption and other issues with the Storage Device. Lastly, formatting the drive provides users a secure way to permanently remove confidential data, especially when combined with secure erase options. 

But diving deeper into the subject, one discovers the nuances behind this seemingly easy process.

Formatting almost always permanently erases existing data. Therefore, backing data before formatting the storage device becomes extremely crucial. Sometimes, formatting can lead to further data corruption, especially when using an older drive.

If you are here and reading this article, I am sure you have lost your data and are now curious to find ways to recover data from the formatted disk.

Recovering data after formatting the drive is only possible when you have Quick Formatted the drive. If you have Full Formatted with secure erase or overwritten the existing data with new data. Sorry to say, but you have lost those files permanently. In that case, your best bet is to use any prior or older backups of the formatted data.

In the case of Quick format or deleted files, you can be assured that your data is still intact and recoverable with specialized data recovery software.

How To Recover Data from USB after Format?

A specialized data recovery tool like SFWare Data Recovery Tool can be extremely necessary when you want to recover any deleted or lost files after format. 

The tool is built with powerful file recovery algorithms that are designed to dive deeper and do a sector-level scan of your formatted USB drive; this ensures all of your files are found and recovered.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

Steps To Recover Data from a Formatted USB Drive Using SFWare Data Recovery Tool

1: Click the download button to install and set up your system’s SFWare Data Recovery tool.

2: Upon completion of the installation and setup process. Launch the tool, select the formatted USB Drive from the home screen, and click the Start Scan button.

select the formatted usb drive from where you want to recover data and click on the start scan button

3: The tool starts scanning and recovering the data from the USB Drive.

4: A list of all recovered files from the formatted USB flash drive will be displayed on your screen. Use the Search Bar to search for lost data, accordingly, you can also use the Filter option to sort and file various file types.

list of all the data recovered from the formatted usb drive

5: You can use the Preview option to look at the recovered files.

preview the files recovered from the formatted USB drive

6: Once you are happy with the formatted USB Drive recovery process. Select the data you want to recover, and click the Save button. The tool will prompt you to provide a location where you want to save the recovered data. 

save the recovered data on any location of your choice

Additionally, you get our industry-leading Tech Support if you face issues with the tool or during the formatted data recovery process for free.

In addition to SFWare Data Recovery Software, you can try any other tools available on the internet. Just make sure you try reliable tools; using any unreliable tools might result in permanent data loss.

The next solution is using expert data recovery services around you.

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Recovering Formatted Drive Data by going to a Data Recovery Service Center

If you don’t want to recover formatted USB drives by yourself, using handy tools like SFWare Data Recovery Tool. You can always try local Data Recovery Services around you. A quick Google search might help you find the nearest Data Recovery Services. 

The process usually involves Contacting the Service center, Packing and shipping your drive, an initial assessment of the physical USB drive, and attempting to recover data from a formatted flash drive. If the formatted USB Drive data recovery process was successful. The recovered data will be saved on a new storage device. Once you receive the new drive, verify its completeness.

Do note: The cost of data recovery can range anywhere between a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. 


Losing data from a formatted USB drive can be a frightening feeling. Important work documents, memories captured, documents, and projects in progress might seem to vanish permanently with just one wrong click. 

The solutions and information mentioned on this page will equip you with the essential knowledge to solve the dreaded. The solutions include specialized data recovery tools like SFWare Data Recovery Tool, which is tried and tested to recover files from a formatted USB drive. The other option is to contact a nearby Data Recovery service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is it possible to recover data from a formatted drive? What factors affect the chances of successful data recovery?

The answer is Yes as well as No. The possibility of recovering data from a formatted USB drive depends on various factors, including the type of format used. 

2: What’s the difference between quick and full format, and how does it affect recovery?

  • Quick Format: This type of format only changes or modifies the file system table. Thereby leaving your data intact and untouched. In these cases, the formatted data is from any USB drive or external storage device. You can easily recover data using a specialized Data Recovery tool.
  • Full Format: This type of format overwrites the saved data on the drive with zeros. Thereby making it extremely difficult to recover data. If some of your original files were not overwritten with data, one still has a good chance to recover data. If your files get completely overwritten, you cannot recover your formatted data. 

3: How to recover formatted files from a USB drive without using software?

Once the data gets overwritten, it is generally impossible to recover it through data recovery software or manual solutions. 

Recycle Bin, File History, and Previous Versions, and data recovery software can be useful in recovering accidentally deleted files, lost or missing data, or in the case of Quick format. But none of these solutions can help you in case of data overwriting. 

However, if you have saved backup copies of the original files, you can restore them if you don’t have backups. Then, unfortunately, your data is gone forever. 

4: Where should I save the recovered data to avoid overwriting it?

If you have safely recovered the data from the formatted drive. You should save the data on any other location, such as an external drive. This is done to prevent data overwriting. 

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