How to Retrieve Data from a Formatted Hard Disk?

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Summary: Wondering how to recover files from formatted hard drive? Don’t worry. We are here to provide the best solution to recover your files from the formatted hard drive. In this article, we can help you to recover data from formatted hard drive. If you are looking for a quick solution, use SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool. You can recover your files in just three clicks. Download the software now.

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User Query: How Can I Recover Data From A Hard Drive I Formatted

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In most cases, you can easily resolve so many problems by formatting a hard drive. But all data present on the hard drive that also completely erases. You lost all your important data by accidentally stopping formatting your hard drive. In this article, we clearly explained when need to format your hard drive and how to restore important data using recommended methods.


The hard drive is a storage device that allows you to back up crucial files and data to your PC. It can also help to boost or enlarge your computer’s storage space. If you formatted the hard drive by accident, the operating system loses its ability to refer to the data on the disk. You can still restore your formatted hard disk until the specific drive sectors are overwritten.

Formatting a hard drive can be done on purpose to remove all data on it, or it might be done accidentally. In either case, losing all of your crucial information, papers, and media may be a painful event.

When you format a hard drive, all of the data on it is erased and a new file system is created. However, the data is not actually erased and remains on the hard drive until it is overwritten by new data.

Reasons Behind Files Getting Deleted from Hard Drive

Files can be erased from a hard drive for a variety of reasons. Among the most common explanations are:

  • Human error: Users sometimes erase files by accident. This can happen if they delete the wrong file or mistakenly press the delete key.
  • Software errors: Files may be erased as a result of software mistakes or defects. This can occur when a program crashes or when the operating system fails.
  • Malware or viruses: Malicious software is also capable of erasing files from a hard disc. When a virus infects a computer and begins erasing files, this can occur.
  • Physical damage: Hard drives can also be physically destroyed, causing files to become corrupted or lost.
  • Overwriting: When a file is removed, the hard drive space it occupied becomes accessible for new data to be written. If fresh data is written over the deleted file’s location, it may be permanently lost.
  • Formatting: A hard drive’s contents, including any files that were stored on it, is completely erased when it is formatted.

How to Restore Data from a Formatted Hard Disk?

Follow the below-mentioned methods to recover data from formatted drive:

Restore Files from a Formatted Hard Drive using Recycle Bin

  • Go to the Recycle Bin icon on Windows 10 Desktop and see if your files find here.

  • If your files are found, right-click on the deleted files and click Restore.

  • Now the formatted files will be restored to their original location.

Note: If your data are not found in recycle bin, Then you follow the below-mentioned methods on how to recover data from formatted hard disk

Recover Data from a Formatted Hard Drive using Backup

  • Connect your Hard Drive to the computer.
  • Open the Start Menu and type the Control Panel in the search bar and hit Enter.

  • Next, Locate the System and Security and click on Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

  • Next, click on the Restore My Files button to restore the formatted files.
  • Then select your deleted files and click Next.
  • Finally, Choose where to restore the deleted files and click Restore.

Recover Data from Formatted Hard Disk by using SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool

You can recover files from a formatted hard drive using a safe and secure data recovery solution. SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool is one of the most popular options for recovering data from hard drives. Whether the hard drive is formatted or corrupt, the software analyses the sector to recover data from formatted external hard drive.

Download and install the SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool on your computer and connect your hard drive to your PC.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

  • From the main screen, based on the scenario, Choose the Recover drives/ Partitions to recover data from formatted hard disk using SFWare data recovery software.

  • Click on the drive from which you want to retrieve data from formatted hard drive.

  • Now, the scanning process begins. After the completion of the scanning process, it will display all the recoverable files.

  • Preview the selected files for recovery. You can Save it wherever you want.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss from Formatted Hard Drive

Follow the below-mentioned tips to avoid data loss from a formatted hard drive:

  • Always take a backup of your file before formatting the hard drive from the computer.
  • Please make sure to use trustworthy Antivirus software to protect your computer from external threats.
  • Avoid uninterrupted transferring of files.
  • Stop using the hard drive immediately.


We hope your query is resolved and this article has helped you to understand the various methods to restore files from formatted hard drive. However, if you ever encounter any issues related to restore data from formatted hard drive, use our recommended SFWare Hard Drive Recovery Tool to solve your issues.

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