How to Fix Outlook Operation Failed Error 0x80004005?

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The Outlook error 0x80004005 is one of the common sending/receiving errors that occurs when Outlook is severely corrupted.  With the help of the simple approaches explained in the article, you will be able to troubleshoot the error 0x80004005 without any hassle.

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How to Fix Outlook Operation Failed 0x80004005 Error?

About Outlook Error 0x80004005:

The error 0x80004005 the operation failed is one of the Outlook receiving error that doesn’t allow you to open any received emails on Outlook. The error appears in any Outlook versions including 2021, 2019 but most frequently encountered in Outlook versions 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013.

Some of the common Outlook 0x80004005 error messages that Outlook users receive are listed below:

      • Task [TaskName] reported error (0x80004005): Network operation failed.
      • Windows cannot access \server. Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. Error code: 0x80004005.
      • Unspecified error. Error code=0x80004005; Error source=[SourceName].
      • Task [TaskName] – Receiving’ reported error (0x80004005): ‘The Operation Failed.

Causes for the Error 0x80004005 Operation failed on Outlook


Script blocking is a feature in Antivirus that becomes active to check any malicious code when PC tries to run a script from .bat or .reg files. However, if any malicious activities are encountered, the anti-virus immediately blocks the script from being executed.

Any damage or corruption in the Registry keys will affect the functioning of MS Outlook as these keys are used to store setting information for software programs, OS configuration and much more.

Any kind of malicious virus intrusion on the PST or other Outlook files can be the reason for several abnormal behaviors, including this error.

How to Fix the Outlook Error 0x80004005?

Follow the given methods to fix the Outlook Error 0x80004005:

    1. Disable the script blocking feature
    2. Inactive Outlook New-Mail notification
    3. Repair on the MS Office program
    4. Run Outlook in Safe Mode
    5. Create a New Outlook Profile
    6. Clean up bad registry keys
    7. Repair Outlook data file
               Using Inbox Repair Tool
                  Using SFWare Repair Tool

Method 1: Disable/Uninstall the script blocking feature

As mentioned above, one of the main causes behind the error is interruption of the anti-virus script blocking feature. However, by temporarily disabling the anti-virus, you will be able to fix the Outlook error 0x80004005. Uninstall the antivirus on your PC or disable the script blocking feature on the antivirus and verify the Outlook for the error.

Steps to Disable the Script Blocking Feature

Open the antivirus on your PC >> Go to Options >> System >> Script Blocking

Now, simply undo the Enable Script blocking option and click on OK.

Method 2: Turn off Outlook’s New-Mail notification

There is also a possibility of the Outlook error 0x80004005 in the Outlook receiving process, if the new mail notifications are enabled. Therefore, try disabling the Outlook new mail notification to fix the error 0x80004005, operation failed.

Steps to disable Outlook new mail notification

Open Outlook, go to File >> Options from the list

Now, a dialog box appears on Outlook Options >> click on Mail tab.

In the Message arrival section, uncheck the Display a Desktop Alert option. This stops the desktop notification of the received messages.

Method 3: Repair on the Microsoft Office program

Repairing all the MS office programs surely will help you fix any error that occurs in MS Office programs including Outlook.

Go to Programs and Features option on your computer.

Select Microsoft Office programs >> Change option

select the Repair option >> click on Quick Online Repair option. This initiates the online repair process and fix Outlook errors if encountered including Outlook error 0x80004005.

Method 4: Run Outlook in Safe Mode: Disable Add-ins

If the Error 0x80004005 is due to Outlook’s faulty add-ins, this method can fix the issue. Rewards of running Outlook in safe mode is that Outlook starts without loading the add-ins. Therefore, you will be able to fix Outlook error 0x80004005.

Type exe /safe in search box >> Enter

A pop-up message stating that the user wants to start Outlook in safe mode will appear. Click Yes.

Method 5: Create a New Outlook Profile

You might encounter the Outlook error 0x80004005 Operation failed due to corrupt Outlook profile. You can try repairing the Outlook profile or create a new Profile to fix such issues.
Account setting to fix Outlook error 0x80004005 operation failed error

Steps to create new Outlook Profile

Go to the File tab >> Account Settings >> go to Manage Profiles

Click Show Profiles >> click the Add button in the Mail window.

Now, enter the profile’s name and all account credentials.

Once the procedure is completed, go to the Mail window again >> select the new profile option >> OK button. This allows your current new profile a default one.

Method 6: Delete bad registry keys

As registry keys hold crucial information related to software and hardware applications installed on your computer, it is recommended to take a backup of the files before cleaning the registry.

Follow the steps to backup files and manually clean the registry:

 Click on Start >> open Run dialog box by pressing Windows+R keys

 Type Regedit >> click OK.

Go to Registry Editor >> File menu >> select Identities >> select Export.

 Save the Backup File of registry keys. Once the files are saved select the files that are corrupt or damaged and delete them.

Method 7: Repair Outlook data file

One of the best solutions to fix any Outlook error is to repair the Outlook application. There may be chances of Outlook data file corruption. By repairing the Outlook, you can easily fix the error 0x80004005. You can repair Outlook using two simple methods:

Repair Outlook Data Files Using Inbox Repair Tool

Microsoft Inbuilt inbox repair tool (ScanPST.exe) is a tool that analyzes and repairs errors in Outlook email applications.  In general, the inbox repair tool maintains the integrity of the Outlook.

Microsoft Inbox repair tool to fix corrupt Outlook data file

To locate the MS Outlook Inbox repair tool by following the path → C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\office19\

Note: if you are using any other Outlook versions, click on the link to know how to download ScanPST and locate the ScanPST.exe.

Once you locate ScanPST, follow the steps to repair Outlook data files:

First, Browse the corrupt PST File. Selected PST files will be listed in the box. Click the Start button to initiate the scanning process. Once the scanning process completes, you can verify the errors found during scanning the corrupt PST files. Click on the Repair button to repair the PST file.

With the help of ScanPST, you can also repair OST files. Although, Inbox repair tool comes with all the advantages, the tool also has some disadvantages.

    1.   Inbox repair tool works on original data. Therefore, there will always be possibility of data loss.  
    2.   Inbox repair tool cannot repair severe corruption effectively on Outlook data files
    3.   It can easily repair PST files up to 4 GB.
    4.   Due to severe corruption, the ScanPST freeze or stops working

Do not worry! you will still be able to repair PST, OST without losing any data from Outlook application. With the help of SFWare PST repair tool, you can fix any Outlook Errors including the Error 0x80004005 if it is caused due to corrupt data files. The tool works on the copy of the files; therefore, the original data is unaltered. You can repair oversized PST files as well in a few clicks.  The tool is able to recover deleted, lost and corrupt PST files without even altering the originality of the file. 

Repair Outlook data files Using SFWare Repair Tool

To fix the corruption on the PST file causing Outlook error 0x80004005, download the SFWare PST repair tool, and launch the application.

1 The Main screens displays three option:

Open PST File: If you know the path to open PST file, select the option

Find PST File: If you are not aware of PST file, the tool easily finds that for you

Select Outlook Profile: Select the profile in which you need to repair the Outlook files
first step to use PST repair tool

2 Now, Select Normal Scan or Smart Scan from the next window

Normal Scan: Repairs minor corruptions in PST file

Smart Scan: Works effectively on severely corrupted PST file

Select PST File to Repair

3 Click on Repair option to fix Outlook Error 0x80004005: Operation is failed

End Screen

After completion of the Outlook repair process, save the repaired PST file in your desired location on the computer.


With all the methods explained above you should be able to fix the error Receiving reported error (0x80004005): ‘The Operation Failed’. It is always suggested to make sure you keep the backup of your important data to avoid any kind of data loss in future. However, if the error is due to a damaged or corrupt PST file, you can always rely on SFWare PST repair tool to easily fix all the Outlook issues.

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