Troubleshooting AVI Video Only Plays Audio

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Summary: AVI is a popular video format used widely to store multimedia content. If you are facing an AVI file playing audio without video, this can be due to many reasons, including corruption of the file. In this article, we have discussed this issue in detail. Stick around to learn how to repair the AVI file that only plays audio.

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Why does My AVI File Only Play Sound without Video?

AVI is a multimedia file format that can contain audio and video components. But sometimes, when you play an AVI file on a media player, you may face the issue where the file only plays audio without a video component. This means you are playing the audio part, but the video portion of the file is either missing or not playing correctly.

Reasons for the AVI only playing audio.

There are several causes for AVI only playing sound without video. Some of the common reasons are given below,

  • Missing or corrupt codec: If your system doesn’t have the needed codec or is corrupt, you may come across these issues.
  • Video drivers are outdated: Your video drivers may not be up to date or incompatible with the AVI file.
  • Media player is incompatible: Some media players may not be equipped to play some video formats.
  • Corrupt AVI file: If an AVI file is corrupted or damaged, you may find the situation of sound without video.

How to Repair AVI File Only Play Audio?

Now that we know the reasons behind AVI files only playing audio but no video. Let us see how to repair the AVI files with issues using the solutions mentioned below:

Method 1: Download and install the required Codecs

Codecs are the media player’s component that helps decode the file encryption and play the file. Different formats and encryption require different codecs. So, when some codec goes missing or corrupted, the process of playing the file gets interrupted. The solution for the issue is to download and install the codec that is needed to play AVI files.

Common codecs that are needed to keep audio and video together are DivX, XviD, H.264, and H.265. You can search for them and download and install them to your system. Once the procedure is complete, try and play the AVI file; if still AVI file is not playing video but audio, you can check out the next solution.

Note: Downloading and installing supporting Codecs can also be helpful in playing AVI files on Mac.

Method 2: Try different media player

If you are facing audio only issue with the AVI file, even after the codec is added, then your media player is not compatible with the AVI file format. A fair number of options are in the market for playing AVI files. You can download any media player, such as the VLC media player. Once you install the player, try to play the AVI file again and verify that the issue is solved.

Method 3: Update video drivers

Video drivers are software that allows an operating system to communicate with the graphics card in the computer. Video drivers function as a guide to display images or videos on the screen. Hence keeping your video driver up to date is necessary to keep the communication intact. You can check and update the drivers by following the steps below,

  • Open the Start menu, then type Device Manager in the search box and click on Device Manager.

Open Device Manager

  • In the Device Manager window, expand Display adapters to see the integrated graphics chipsets and graphics cards.

Device Manager Window

  • Right-click on the graphics card and click on the Update driver.

Update Display Driver

  • Now Update Driver window opens. Select Search automatically for updated driver software; this will search for the latest update for the drive.

Search to Update Automatically

  • If there is any update available, it will be downloaded and installed automatically. When the process is complete, restart the system.

Method 4: Repair the AVI file using a repair tool

Now that we have tried some of the methods that will fix issues with the player, we need to move on to the possibility of the file being corrupted. If that is the case, then the best solution is to use a repair tool to fix the file. You can use SFWare Video Repair software to fix corrupted AVI files. This is user-friendly software developed for dealing with many video issues on various video file formats.

Steps to fix AVI file using SFWare video repair tool

You can download and install the SFWare Video Repair software to start the repair process of AVI files.

Free Download for WindowsFree Download for Mac

  • Launch the tool and click on Select File on the main screen.

SFWare Video Repair tool Home Screen

  • Select the corrupted AVI file from the window and click on Repair.

SFWare Video Repair tool Repair AVI file

  • Wait for the process to complete. When complete, you can preview the result by clicking on the play button.

SFWare Video Repair tool Preview Repaired AVI video

  • If you are satisfied, click on the Save button to complete the process.

Note: If you did not activate the software, you will get a prompt to activate it, once done, you can complete the saving process.

Method 5: Convert the AVI file to a different format

Although you are trying to fix the AVI file to play sound without video, you can convert the AVI file to a different file format like MP4 or MOV. When you convert a corrupted AVI file to another format, you can get a healthy file of that format, which you can play on your media player.

You can convert an AVI file to an MP4 file easily if you are using a VLC media player using the following steps,

  • Open the VLC media player, and click on Media.

VLC Media Player Select Convert/Save

  • Now select Convert/ Save to open the feature.
  • In the Open Media window, click on Add and select the file.

VLC Media Player Open Media to Convert

  • After selecting the file, click on Convert/ Save.
  • In the Convert dialogue box, give the location to save the converted file.

VLC Media Player Start Conversion

Note: Here, you can also change the output file’s Profile.

  • Click on Start to begin the conversion process.

Wait for the process to complete. When completed, go to the location and play the file to verify the success.

Tips to avoid AVI file corruption

  • Use a dependable media player that can play various video formats.
  • Avoid shutting down your computer or closing the media player while playing.
  • Keep your operating system, video drivers, and media player updated.
  • Avoid using converter software from untrusted sources; they may contain malware or viruses.


When you need to play an AVI file, you can listen to audio, but the video is only a black screen. This can be due to many reasons. We have discussed the reasons why AVI files only plays audio but no video. Then we checked out solutions to repair the issues. Let us know how the solutions helped you when you face the issues.

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