A Complete Guide To Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files


Similar to any other video format, the chances of MP4 files being corrupt is common. If you have such MP4 video file corruption issues, you are on the right track. The article explains the various methods to deal with damaged, inaccessible or corrupt MP4 media files using different approaches and guides you to repair corrupt MP4 video files easily.

Repair MP4 video file

As we all know MP4 is the most commonly used file format to record or save your video files. MP4 video files are prone to corruption due to many reasons. At times, while attempting to access videos, you might encounter issues like choppy videos, no sound in the videos or cannot play the video file errors.

Here is one user case scenario with codec issue in his MP4 video:

I use Windows 8.1-64 and BS Player 2.72. Yesterday when I was playing a few recorded videos that were saved in MP4 file format, the video stopped playing. I checked with the codec manager and found that some codec’s were missing: FFDShow, MPEG audio decoder, Haali media splitter. If I check them and hit “Install selected” nothing happens. Please help me; how can I repair my MP4 videos?

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Why Is My MP4 Video Corrupted?

There may be number of reasons why videos aren’t played on the device, most common reason are listed below:

  • Sometimes, broken header in the video files could result in MP4 corruption
  • Incomplete, inappropriate read or write operation may lead to errors
  • MP4 Video files get damaged due to compression issues
  • Files downloaded via untrustworthy internet resources might not play on media player
  • Connectivity issues during the video downloading and power surges while video is playing can lead to MP4 corruption

In any of the above mentioned scenarios, your MP4 videos stop playing. Now, the question is how to repair the corrupted MP4? Let’s see the universal method to fix corrupt MP4 video files. Also, you can also repair corrupt GoPro videos using methods explained here.

How to Fix Corruption in MP4 Files?

Most of the regular video users will be aware of VLC media player, a free and open source media player for playing video files. Try fixing the corruption using VLC media player.

How to Repair MP4 File in VLC Player?

You can easily repair the MP4 files using VLC media player. VLC includes a large number of encoding and decoding libraries (codecs) that makes VLC compatible with almost many video formats to play. Therefore, it makes your video temporarily compatible to play on the media player.

To repair MP4 video, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Open VLC Player >> Media, select Convert/Save
  2. Next, add MP4 input files that is to be repaired and press Convert/Save
  3. Give the name for the destination file and select desired codec from the profile list
  4. Press Edit button to check a specified profile setting and click Start

If you have any codec issues or minor corruptions on the MP4 files, you can easily make your MP4 files play using the above mentioned steps. What if your MP4 won’t play on VLC even after repairing the file? Let’s see why your MP4 won’t play in VLC media player?

Why are MP4 videos not played on VLC?

Although VLC media player is widely used for repairing corrupt MP4 videos, there are problems in VLC while playing mp4 files. Few of them are listed below:

  • VLC can only be compatible with the codec libraries it holds. Hence the CODEC used in the video should exist in the VLC library, in any other case VLC will no longer be useful to repair MP4 videos.
  • VLC player works on your original MP4 video file. Therefore, the chance of your file damage is high.
  • It doesn’t repair audio and video streams separately. Hence, appropriate synchronization of video with audio is not guaranteed.

In such situations, to keep your video safe and secure, it is highly recommended to use an efficient Video repair tool.

SFWare MP4 Repair tool is the safest way to make your unplayable MP4 videos play. It works on the copy of the original file i.e., in read only mode. Hence, data is safe from further corruption. It works on the audio and video streams separately and provides a healthy playable video file.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Download the tool now and repair your MP4 file in 3 simple clicks.

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How to Repair Corrupted MP4 Video Files?

To repair severely corrupt MP4 files or to fix any issues related to MOV/MP4, download and Install SFWare MP4 Video Repair Software (Windows / Mac) and follow the steps shown below:

Step 1: Select MOV/MP4 Repair from the main screen.

Step 2: Provide any healthy working MP4 video file and a corrupt file that you want to repair. Click on the Repair button.

Step 3: Once the repairing process completes, Preview the repaired MP4 video file and Save the file in your desired location.

SFWare Repair Tool makes your unplayable MP4 video files into playable healthy video files. Also, it helps in fixing errors that makes video files inaccessible and leads to unplayable videos.

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